As you are likely aware, the industry continues to face continued consumer demand and major challenges. This as an adverse effect on the availability of equipment. Due to delays in transit and storage challenges in North America, customers are retaining their equipment for longer than average periods. The longer each container is detained, the less equipment there is at origin to fill your import demand. The terminal fluidity is a challenge and the longer cargo sits at a terminal, depot, or rail head, the more difficult the situation will be to face.

We need your help. Returning your chassis and containers as soon as you are able, will give us and other vendors the chance to move the equipment back to high demand origins far faster.

Help us help you

  • Please pick up your containers at the terminals as quickly as possible
  • Return your empty containers and chassis
  • Review any longstanding containers on the street and focus on equipment returns
  • Many terminals have increased hours and offer Saturday gates see the below list of terminal sites formore information on their hours
    • Newark/Port Elizabeth – APM Terminals: click here for Port Elizabeth - Hours of Operation
    • Newark - PNCT: click here for PNCT - Gate hours
    • Newark - Maher: click here for Maher - Hours of Operation
    • Los Angeles - Pier 400: click here for Los Angeles  - Hours of Operation
    • Houston - Bayport Terminal & Barbours Cut: click here for gate information
    • Georgia Ports: click here for notices
    • South Carolina Ports: click here for gate hours
    • Chicago Rail - click here for terminal information

We do not anticipate the congestion decreasing any time soon, on the contrary, the industry overall is forecasting higher volumes into early 2022 and beyond. We need your help to ensure that equipment and terminals continue to remain fluid.

Should you have any questions, please visit and chat with our Live Chat team.

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