We would like to inform you that we had to re-direct our vessel “Cap San Lorenzo” to Bremerhaven yesterday, after the scheduled berthing in Hamburg. Unfortunately, the local port limit for an IMO 5.1 class cargo in transit was exceeded, and in the interest of safety the affected cargo needs to be discharged first in another port. This is taking place today. We would like to emphasize that there has been no immediate danger to the crew, vessel, environment, or your cargo at any time.

To complete her discharge and loading operations, the “Cap San Lorenzo” will return to Hamburg. Our expected schedule for the onward voyage is as follows

Port Est. Time of Arrival (ETA) Est. Time of Departure (ETD)
Est. Time of Arrival (ETA)
July 16th 03:00h
Est. Time of Departure (ETD)
July 17th 18:00h
Est. Time of Arrival (ETA)
July 18th 22:00h
Est. Time of Departure (ETD)
July 20th 05:30h
Est. Time of Arrival (ETA)
August 1st 07:18h
Est. Time of Departure (ETD)

We apologize for this unplanned delay and thank you for your understanding. In case you have any questions please contact your local Maersk professional.

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