We would like to update you on the situation in Western Canada in relation to the wildfires in the Lytton, BC area which has impacted the key access route towards the ports in Vancouver.

The area where the fires occurred close to Lytton, BC is between the main rail switching yards in the Vancouver area and the port. We continue to monitor the situation and will share relevant updates for your planning.

Transportation modes impacted: All rail services coming in and out of the Port of Vancouver have been halted since Friday. Both CN and CP Rail are working closely with Transport Canada and were granted access to the rail tracks last night to determine the necessary steps to resume safe rail operations. Rail vendors are looking to resume rail services as soon as possible with reduced speed limits through this area.

CN Reservations: for dry cargo: Any RV’s as of Friday already issued were not changed and customers were able to ingate at CN ramps, however, no traffic has departed due to the disruption. No additional RV’s have since been provided towards Port of Vancouver.

Reefers: Any customers with valid RV’s for exports can ingate at CN ramps, however, there is no plan for when units will move. Any reefers in gating this week will be subject to daily plug and monitoring charges per tariff.

Imports: Import rail cargo (CN & CP) has not moved since Thursday and we await further updates.

It is anticipated that regular flow in and out of port of Vancouver will be impacted for at least one week. We will see increased congestion at terminals and expect vessel delays.

We are working closely with different stakeholders to understand the impacts of the delays on terminal operations and to develop a contingency plan.

Impact to Maersk operations: Our offices are open and working – and not impacted since most of our staff are working from home. Our warehouses are open and working.

Your business is important to us and we pledge to keep you fully informed as more details become available.

Should you have any questions please contact your local Maersk professional.

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