In today’s truly global economy, optimising supply chains has been the key to clawing back some of the constantly shrinking profit margins. But as companies work hard to meet rising customer expectations, logistics has become a multi-layered, multi-part machine that is vulnerable to unexpected events or even bottlenecks that can cause major disruptions.

A case in point is the COVID-19 pandemic that has badly hurt logistics and supply chain networks around the world and across every industry and sector. Few companies were able to pivot and meet the catastrophe head on. One company that did manage the disruption successfully is Nike. The global sportswear brand used its digital supply chain to divert products originally headed for retail stores to e-commerce fulfilment centres in China.

Another cause of concern is regulation. Government policies are increasingly becoming stricter and call for even more detailed documentation for the movement of goods. This can create issues for importers, especially those that rely on raw materials or multiple components. Staying on top of the all the certifications and documents required has become complex job itself and needs special attention.

With the explosive growth of online shopping the world over, unrealistic expectations on delivery schedules has created a need for greater flexibility and visibility of supply chain logistics. Maersk’s Destination Supply Chain Management is designed to help cut down on the complexities and make supply chains nimbler. From real-time tracking, cargo optimisation and exception management, our suite of solutions can help prepare your business ready for uncertain times.

A new report by Maersk looks at these issues in detail and charts out potential solutions to help you navigate through these complex waters. Download the PDF to find out more.

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