Discover how a leading freight forwarder and our local teams worked together to deliver oversized cargo to a remote location in Indonesia.

A perfect partnership: Joining hands with a customer to go all the way

The customer

Our customer is an India-based freight forwarding company and one of the leading consolidation forwarders in Indonesia. Apart from it, they also make regular FCL shipments. This time, they had to import of Out-Of-Gauge (OOG) containers from India to Balikpapan.

A perfect partnership: Joining hands with a customer to go all the way

The challenge

Indonesia is divided amongst an archipelago of around 17,500 islands, and logistics is still a key pain point for doing business in the country. According to global research firm Report Linker, logistics cost varies between 25%-30% of Indonesia’s GDP. In developed economies, the cost is below 5% of the GDP.
One of the largest financial sectors north of Indonesia, Balikpapan is located in Kalimantan island. Apart from the remote distance and steep transportation costs, our customer’s logistics plans were hampered by a lack of infrastructure to move the oversized cargo. Their options were to either charter a breakbulk vessel or discharge the cargo at Surabaya, a nearby port, before shifting to Balikpapan.

Both options had too many touchpoints and were strapped with high costs. They needed a partner who could safely move the seven containers of OOG cargo into the port city and keep a cap on the rising expenses of the entire project. We went a step further to deliver for them.

A perfect partnership: Joining hands with a customer to go all the way

The Maersk solution

Here Maersk’s position as a global integrator of container logistics proved to be a winning combination for our customer. Our teams offered a solution with a mix of ocean and land services, all from a single point of contact.

At the time, we had direct acceptance into Balikpapan. Our local experts could fit the customer’s cargo into a breakbulk vessel and deliver it to the port. We offered a land solution for the next leg of the journey through a fleet of trucks to deliver directly to Batu Licin – a further 400 kilometres away. The inland journey was overseen by local Maersk professionals, who knew the area’s ins and outs.

A perfect partnership: Joining hands with a customer to go all the way

The result

Despite the intense competition for business in the region, this case showed the heights of success freight forwarders and logistics providers can reach when they collaborate on projects. As a direct result of Maersk’s strong connections and inland network at Balikpapan and Batu Licin, the containers arrived safely and on-time at their destination.

Our teams were able to provide visibility and expertly handle the special cargo and provide cost efficiencies. Expenses were nearly 50% lower when compared with the customer’s original plan. Satisfied with the work, the customer chose to extend the collaboration and nominated Maersk to handle their next project.

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