Safety at work is a basic human right, and workplace conditions directly impact and influence workers as well as their families and communities. Keeping our people safe is a core value and an ethical responsibility for us as a company towards our employees, their families and communities. 

A.P. Moller - Maersk’s safety strategy is grounded in our Safety Differently philosophy, where the central premise is that safety is defined by having the capacity to manage risks under variable conditions.

This philosophy is also evident in our safety targets, which do not highlight the absence of accidents, but rather the presence of  leadership, that continuously engage with frontline employees to build capacity to eliminate as many as possible of the factors that contribute to the occurrence of accidents, and to manage
the outcome of the accidents that still occur. 

Our ambition is to protect our people, the environment and our business, eliminate fatalities and severe injuries, enable Maersk to be a preferred employer and provide safe and resilient products and services to our customers.

We set targets annually and pursue these through activities in three tracks: engaging with workers, building capacity and promoting a learning culture. Read about our 2020 performance and activities on page 30 in the 2020 Sustainability report.

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