Effective 17 December 2020, Asian Terminals Incorporated will be implementing cross validation process on all Verified Gross Mass input during the Preadvise process for all Export Laden containers entering Batangas port.

  • Shippers Declared VGM. This is the Preadvise field that will take on the value of the VGM and will replace the current Gross Weight field.
  • Measured Weight. ATI will continue to measure the container weight upon arrival at the terminal.
  • Once Measured Weight is generated, it will be checked against the Shippers Declared VGM.
  • Implemented by PPA Memorandum Circular 43-98 (Click below) mandated shut out charges on
    • Change of exporting vessel where the container/s is/are intended to be loaded;
    • Change in weight of container/s as previously declared in ATI Batangas Container Terminal.
  • Appplicable PPA imposed charges will be implemented for any weight discrepancy beyond the tolerance of +/- 1,500 kilograms (1.5 metric tonnes) between Shippers Declared VGM and Measured Weight upon arrival at the gate

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