In May 2019, we released Maersk Spot. It didn’t happen overnight, but something needed to be done about the everyday inefficiencies we were experiencing within shipping.

Instant gratification is something we’re used to in most aspects of our lives, but why not within the shipping industry? I mean, imagine adding something to your basket on Amazon without knowing the price, how much delivery would cost or how long it would take to arrive? We wouldn't accept this in everyday life so why do we accept it within our industry?

When developing Maersk Spot, we knew we had to address this early on but how do you tackle something that people expect as a given, a sure thing, a basic need within the customer experience?

Well, it’s no different in business. People want information instantly. Price uncertainty is something that just doesn’t wash anymore. With Maersk Spot being based on the airline pricing model, something that customers are already familiar with and trust, it means they feel comfortable booking shipments this way. Customers want to choose a date and have access to the price instantly, knowing it won’t change or come with unexpected charges at the end.

By implementing Maersk Spot, we've seen a massive decrease in overbooking. A huge 75% compared with our traditional model and rolling of shipments has dropped to just 1.5%!

With a continued focus on driving innovation and digitization, Maersk Spot has been able to tackle those fundamental inefficiencies that were an everyday occurrence in shipping. When a customer thinks of their transport and logistics, we want flexible, sustainable and hassle-free to be the first thing they associate it with and ultimately, help their supply chain as a whole.

When rolling out any product, honest feedback from customers is key. When you bring something new to market that’s based around customer needs, it’s crucial that they tell you what works and what could be improved and so far the feedback has been amazing.

The future of logistics is digital, everything is moving fast and customers won’t and can’t afford to wait on rates for their shipments. To keep up with these new ways of working, we as a smaller freight forwarding company also need to change the way we work. Maersk Spot is helping distinguish us from big players and global logistics companies as it makes almost impossible things happen.

Dennis Lehnecke
Con-Truck Shipping

Maersk Spot has become perfect for smaller business owners. The kind of business that needs quick and flexible shipping with a fixed price, so they can accurately forecast their cash flow.

Developing new tradelines has never been easier. Spot is, by all means, a very useful tool, particularly in developing cross trades. For a main business route such as Europe to the Middle East, for example, I would have to have a long term COA with shipping lines and fixed terms and conditions. But for spot business not related to this route, Maersk Spot is perfect. It saves time and allows for faster, proactive development of new trades and tradelines.

Hans Bönnen

When you need to keep your own clients happy, uncertainty and fluctuating prices can really throw a spanner in the works. Maersk Spot has been successful in easing this pressure and making communication between all parties much more straight forward.

Maersk Spot helps us keep our own clients happy in that we significantly reduce waiting times for rates, and it gives us guarantee and assurance. Once the booking is placed, we know there won’t be any space issues.

Karthick Kumar
St. John Freight Systems Limited

No longer do customers have to guess or forecast what they'll need to pay. The transparency that Maersk Spot provides means customers can get on with the really important stuff that helps their business tick. It makes all of our operations much more efficient meaning the businesses that use our services can confidently come back, knowing when their shipment will arrive and how much it will cost them exactly.

The logistics industry is being pushed out of its comfort zone to expand and make room for innovative growth. Launching Maersk Spot didn’t happen overnight, but this is a huge change in the industry and we can't help but think this is just the beginning of better, faster and more sustainable transport and logistics.

Sebastian Von Hayn
Sebastian Von Hayn
Portfolio Manager Asia North Europe

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