We would like to offer you our latest update on the outbreak of COVID-19 and any impact to Maersk’s operations in Australia.

Please be informed that the Queensland Maritime Safety Authority has introduced additional isolation and border recommendations in response to containing the COVID-19 outbreak.

Requirements have been introduced for Queensland (Brisbane port) that vessels cannot enter a Queensland pilotage area until 14 days have elapsed since the vessel left any country outside Australia. This applies to all vessels that have departed a country outside Australia after 15th March 2359 AST.

At this point in time, the border controls for Australian states/ports only apply for Queensland (Brisbane port) as outlined in this advisory, and for New South Wales (Sydney port) where currently vessels cannot berth until 14 days have elapsed since the vessel left any port within Mainland China.

To comply with the new regulations for Brisbane, vessels on the Maersk network, specifically the Southern Star and Komodo services will face arrival delays into Australia. The Dragon, Cobra and J-Star services are not impacted.

We are urgently working on contingency plans to minimize disruption to your shipments and we will reach out soonest possible to impacted customers once the plans are finalized.

We appreciate your cooperation and support and we thank you for trusting Maersk to care for your business during these exceptional circumstances.

Should you have any questions or concerns about your shipments, please give us a call on 1800 555 593 or alternatively try our Chat channel accessible via Maersk.com or send us an e-mail directed to au.import@maersk.com or au.export@maersk.com.

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