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Customs House Brokerage

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In Maersk Peru, we have people who are experts in local customs processes and regulations, and we work with trusted and AEO (Authorized Economic Operators) certified customs agents with vast experience in the field. We cover all the customs jurisdictions in Peru, meaning all ports, for imports and exports.

Please contact your Customer Service representative to include one of our Customs House Brokerage products in your supply chain. You may also contact for more information.

Core products

Import Customs Clearance Transit Documents
Standard full import customs clearance process
  • Full Customs Declaration upon arrival in the country in scope to gain release of the cargo for onward deliv-ery.
  • Guidance on correct merchandise fiscal classification, on the type of operation, on the existent commercial trade agreements that you can benefit from.
  • Customs clearance consultancy services, such as providing information on the certificates/licenses needed for each type of commodity.
A transit document allows free movement of cargo and containers through Peruvian territories, suspending the payment of duty and VAT until the destination.
  • Duty Classification
  • Definitive Import Entry Declaration
  • Temporary Import Entry Declaration
  • Transit entry declaration

Additional Custom House Brokerage services 

Inspection Previous in-spection Coordinate cli-ent visits to Customs Au-thority
Inspection is needed for certain products, such as per-ishables. It is done with customs authorities and regula-tory entities.

For bulk cargo, goods are counted from the vessel to the truck, against the documentation.
It is done for imported goods, to ensure quality and quantity of products against documentation. The pro-cess is done outside of the port When our customer has inquiries about its goods, Maersk can plan a visit to the Customs Authority, for the customer to personally make those inquiries.
Inspection with customs authorities

Inspection with regulatory entities (e.g. SENASA)

Inspection for bulk cargo

Mandatory Documents for Imports:

  • Signed Power of Attorney (Notarized letter or electronic POA via password SOL-SUNAT)
  • Original Commercial Invoice(s)
  • Original Bill of lading
  • Packing List(s)
  • Insurance Policy or Letter specifying that there is no insurance on the cargo.
  • Original Origin Cerificate*
  • Original Licenses and Certificates for restricted goods
  • Documents UIF (Unidad de Inteligencia Financiera)
*Applies for certain origin countries where treaties exist.


Q: What is the Pricing / Cost of these services?
A: Pricing is dependent on the service package you choose, and we . Please contact our office to discuss which option is right for you.

Q: What can hold up my Customs Clearance?
A: The usual delay is due to lack of documentation

Q: What is a DAM
A: It stands for Declaración Aduanera de Mercancias (means Customs Declaration) and it is a prior declaration with-out payment of taxes that contains information of the commercial invoice, the transaction and the details of the goods that are destined to national territory.

Q: What is a SOL Password
A: The SOL key is the personal use password for companies that allows taxpayers to access SUNAT web to do online operations related to taxes and customs.

Q: What are the types of customs modalities for imports in Peru?
A: a) Advanced Dispatch: Process is done within the 30 calendar days before arrival
b) Urgent Dispatch: Within the 15 calendar days before arrival until 7 calendar days starting the day after the end of the discharge.
c) Differed Dispatch: Within the 15 calendar days starting the day after the end of the discharge.

Q: How will I know when my shipment has cleared customs?
A: It will be possible to know that the shipment already has cleared customs checking the SUNAT portal. Previ-ously, the customs duties must have been cancelled.

Q: Who can I contact regarding my Customs Clearance?
A: If you are already working with us, you can communicate with the executive assigned to you. Otherwise, you may contact for more information.

Abbreviations & Explanations

CHB = Customs House Brokerage
VAT = Value Added Tax
HTS = Harmonized Tariff Schedule
OEA = Authorized Economic Operator
POA = Power of Attorney
NTR = Non-Tariff Regulations
COVE = Proof of Value
VUCEM = Electronic window

Demurrage and Detention

Detention and Demurrage as per September 15, 2019

(Note : Currency US American dollars)

Type Size Days Days Days Days
1 to 6 7 to 10 11 to 24 25 or more
Total to Pay Tax Deduction 24% Net pay to Maersk Line Total to Pay Tax Deduction 24% Net pay to Maersk Line Total to Pay Tax Deduction 24% Net pay to Maersk Line
Dry 20' - USD 164.47 USD 39.47 USD 125 USD 184.21 USD 44.21 USD 140 USD 197.37 USD 47.37 USD 150
Dry 40' - USD 184.21 USD 44.21 USD 140 USD 203.95 USD 48.95 USD 155 USD 263.16 USD 63.16 USD 200
Type Size Days Days Days Days
1 to 6 7 to 10 11 to 19 20 or more
Total to Pay Tax Deduction 24% Net pay to Maersk Line Total to Pay Tax Deduction 24% Net pay to Maersk Line Total to Pay Tax Deduction 24% Net pay to Maersk Line
NOR 20' - USD 177.63 USD 42.63 USD 135 USD 210.53 USD 50.53 USD 160 USD 223.68 USD 53.68 USD 170
NOR 40' - USD 177.63 USD 42.63 USD 135 USD 210.53 USD 50.53 USD 160 USD 223.68 USD 53.68 USD 170
Type Size Days Days Days
1 to 3 4 to 6 7 or more
Total to Pay Tax Deduction 24% Net pay to Maersk Line Total to Pay Tax Deduction 24% Net pay to Maersk Line
Reefer 40' - USD 315.79 USD 75.79 USD 240 USD 342.11 USD 82.11 USD 260
Special 40' - USD 302.63 USD 72.63 USD 230 USD 322.37 USD 77.37 USD 245


Documentation requirements: 

B/L CLAUSE / DOCUMENTATION: No specific clause is required.

  • BL's need to be freighted following customs requirements for final customers. Unrated BL's are allowed ONLY for NVO'S customers and Forwarders Customers must paid duties and taxes to customs under prepaid and collect lump sum.
  • If consignee is "to order" or located "abroad/ foreign", a notify party in Peru is mandatory Dummy BL's or "customer unknown" are NOT accepted
  • Collect shipments are accepted
  • Originals BL's and sea way bills release are workable at destination. Telex release is NOT acceptable.
  • Empty container must be manifested
  • Customs requires the OBL/SWB at time of cargo declaration
  • Cargo in transit has to be manifested

Special customs requirements:

  • Import customs manifest must be submitted to customs 96 working hours prior vessel arrival. All non-manifest cargo will be seized by local customs
  • Any doc amendment required less than 4 working days prior to vessel arrival is subject to destination approval. Otherwise Customs could apply fines to carrier and/or customers
  • Any doc discrepancy between documents will result in fines
  • Seal Number is mandatory information for customs. If seals are NOT manifested, cargo has to be inspected at destination incurring in fines and delay for cargo release

Other information:

Donation Cargo

  • For all donations shipments to Peru, origin offices must have a "guarantee letter" from shipper stating that they will be responsible of all additional storage and demurrage cost that could be incurred at destination in cargo is NOT released on time.
  • For Donation and Diplomatic cargo, all destination charges (DHC,DDF, etc) must be prepaid.

Cargo in legal abandonment

  • If cargo is NOT cleared in the next 30 days of vessel arrival, this is automatically consider as "Legal Abandonment" so Peruvian customs can proceed with auction of the cargo.

Return shipments or Re-export cargo

  • The time limit for this process is 30 working days
  • This is counted one day after container was discharged at destination port
  • Carrier can NOT perform re-export process. This has to be done by consignee or consignee's customs broker.

Store door delivery

  • Our depot ALCONSA can only deliver cargo which has been previously nationalized (cargo clearance) in CALLAO or PAITA.
  • ALCONSA has NOT has Customs authorization to transport cargo in transit to anyplace in Peru.



Two direct ports are offered in Peru: CALLAO, PAITA.

Weight / Measurement:

  • Max legal road weight limit 32 Tons including, container and tare.
  • Weight must be shown in Kilograms / Measurements must be shown in Cubic Meters.

Special Cargoes:

  • OOG, B/B and IMO cargo subject to standard Maersk approval procedures. Please contact Customer Service for more information.
  • 20' Reefer is not accepted in this trade.
  • Aluminum containers are also restricted in this trade.

Cargo Commodities:

  • Fireworks are allowed only with special permission by Peruvian government.
  • Used tires are NOT allowed to import. Ref law N° 003-97-SA.
  • Used clothes are not allowed. Just donations are allowed.
  • Used cars are not allowed to import with more than 5 years of antiquity
  • UNNO 0335 IMO 1.3 G/UNNO 0336 IMO 1.4G/UNNO 0337 IMO 1.4S are NOT accepted by our depot ALCONSA due to high risk involved.
  • For above IMO cargo Customer needs to send the cargo to other terminal immediately after discharge (cargo can’t remain at port).

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