Shipping to Pakistan

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Demurrage and Detention

Import Detention tariff effective 1st April 2018*.

New Tariff (W.e.f. 1st April 2018)

Imports - Dry (General Equipment)/Special

Days 20 ft 40 ft
Day 1 to 7 Free Free
Day 8 onwards USD 55 USD 110

Imports - Reefer

Days 20 ft 40 ft
Day 1 to 3 Free Free
Day 4 onwards USD 110 USD 155

Old Tariff (until 31st March 2018)

Imports - Dry (General Equipment)/Special

Days 20 ft 40 ft
Day 1 to 7 Free Free
Day 8 onwards USD 50 USD 100

Imports - Reefer

Days 20 ft 40 ft
Day 1 to 3 Free Free
Day 4 onwards USD 100 USD 140

* For example: An empty container returned on 5th April with 10 detention charge days will have 5 days charge based on old tariff and 5 days charge based on new tariff.

IMPORT SPECIAL FREE TIME (valid till 31st December 2018)

HS Code
Combined Free-time
Textile and leather
004102: Cotton, textiles
10 days
Apparel and recreational
004107: Garments, apparel, used
10 days
Metal in primary form
002313: Scrap Metal
14 days
Plastic and rubber products
003204: Plastic, plastic articles, new
10 days
Agriculture and forestry
001008: Seeds, grains, industrial plants, medicinal plants
14 days

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For further queries, please contact your Maersk Line’s customer service/sales representative on following numbers:

UAN: +92 111-623-775
Fax: +92-21-5610787, +92-21-5610800

Please familiarize yourself with following conditions

  • Free time for Merchant Haulage any location and Carrier Haulage Karachi & Port Qasim starts from container discharge date
  • Free time of Carrier Haulage Upcountry starts from Gate-in Import Full at dry port or depot
  • Reefer Plug-in Charges are USD 60 per day per unit (from discharge date) is applicable to all shipments regardless of Haulage Type, Destination and Origin
  • Detention is a penalty for the utilization of a carrier's equipment while in the custody of the customer beyond the free time
  • Free time and Detention is charged on calendar days including weekends
  • Containers in transit to Afghanistan will be subject to terms and conditions on a case by case basis
  • All detention and plug-in charges are in US Dollar which will be converted into Pak Rupee basis on the exchange rate of the day of payments
  • Any special equipment including but not limited to 45'HC, Flat Racks, Open Tops and reefers cannot be taken outside Pakistan on merchant haulage. This Applies to both export and import shipments.

Incase you face any difficulties, please contact your customer service representative at Maersk line or contact


Restrictions Comments
Inland location / Off-Dock Terminal Movement IMO Class acceptance 
As per local customs restrictions, no commodity moving under any IMO class is allowed for shifting from Port Qasim to any Off-Dock Facility within Pakistan until further updates. 
Any such cargo booked or in transit will, by default be delivered from the Port of discharge with or without notice. 
For any query please contact &  &
Steel Coil In cases where delivery mode for Steel coils is CFS, we can ONLY accept the cargo in 40' Open Top containers. 40’ DC or 40’ HC is not acceptable. 
20’ DC or 20’ OT are preferred equipment types for this commodity.
Used Clothing

Acceptance of second hand/used clothing and rags are subject to following:

  • Only CY/CY (or CFS/CY) acceptance on BL
  • Part Container for more than one consignee is not allowed 
Freight Collect Freight Collect is acceptable as long as the consignee is in mutual agreement to pay these charges at destination. 
Furthermore Destination Charges (DDF/DHC/IHI) can be settled on Collect or Pre-paid basis.
Change in Delivery Mode/Place (COD) No amendments will be possible in place of delivery after the arrival of the vessel i.e. if the cargo is manifested for NLC (off dock terminal), then it will not be amended for QICT delivery or vice versa. 
Any change of delivery place should be notified to local import desk at least 72 hours prior vessel arrival, and/or any request to hold delivery at Port Qasim by the consignees should be submitted to local Import docs at least 3 working days prior vessel arrival. 
No change of delivery mode (CY to CFS or CFS to CY) will be possible after vessel arrival. Therefore all bookings should be made by customers as per delivery requirement of their consignees. Any change of delivery mode required by the customer should be made at least 3 working days prior to vessel arrival.

Movement to Off dock Terminal;

All Dry Dock bookings must be routed from Port Qasim (PKPQ1). In such cases final Port of discharge must be Port  Qasim (PKPQ1TM)
Equipment Restriction 45’ are accepted on limited basis (confirmation is require from & Import of Reefers is limited to Karachi Port / Port Qasim, however, basis of confirmation from consignee we can cater to other inland destinations within Pakistan subject to Security/bank guarantee for reefer / genset /technicians etc. 
Please contact for further information.
Weight/Measurement Restriction There are no legal road weight limitations.  Present feeder able to handle maximum 40 tons gross under spreader. 
OOG cargo can be accepted under coordination with &
Personal Effects Acceptable for delivery from Port Qasim, but restricted to any off dock terminal within Karachi. 
Movement to inland locations on carrier haulage is possible with prior approval. 
For further information please contact &
Requirements Comments
B/L clause/ documentation Original Bill of Lading should NOT contain any clause about Free Time
Documentation requirements

Inland Haulage Booking

For Commercial Cargo

  •  4 Xerox of Original Bill of Lading
  •  4 Xerox of Packing List
  •  4 Xerox of Commercial Invoice
  •  4 Xerox of NTN (National Tax Number) Certificate
  •  4 Xerox of STR (Sales Tax Registration)

For House Hold Personal Effects

  • 4 Xerox of Original Bill of Lading
  • 4 Xerox of Packing List
  • 4 Xerox of NIC (National Identity Card)
  • 4 Xerox of Passport Details (including pages showing arrival in Pakistan)

For DIPLOMATIC CARGO (Customs Clearance at Dry Port)

  • 4 Xerox of Original Bill of Lading
  • Customs/Excise Exemption Certificate issued by the Govt. of Pakistan
  • Packing List/Commercial Invoice)
  • (Only Packing List required in case of House hold personal effects)

Necessary letters in favor of excise/customs authorities issued by the respective consulate 

For DIPLAMATIC CARGO (Customs Clearance at Final Discharge Port PQ1/KHI)

  • Customs cleared documents should submit through nominated customs agent; while line will only arrange transportation up to final destination.

Note: Documents should submit Prior to Or On Arrival of the vessel

Special Customs requirement
  • Mis-declaration Cases - As per customs rules heavy penalties are imposed on the carrier for any discrepancy between actual out-turn and manifested quantity of import cargo. This penalty is imposed irrespective of the container being shipper's load and count at port of receipt/delivery.
  • As per customs rules the quantity declared must match the actual out-turn for example: if a cargo is manifested as 720 bags and out-turn as 20 pallets (containing 720 bags) will be treated as 720 bags short landed and 20 pallets excess landed. There will be charges imposed by customs. For further information please contact , &  ,
  • For Short Landed cargo - Penalty up to twice the amount of custom duty/fine leviable on short landed cargo or up to PKR 15,000 (equivalent to USD  subject to exchange rate)/package in case of duty free goods or where the duty thereon cannot be ascertained.
  • For Excess Landed cargo - Up to PKR 25,000 equivalent to USD subject to exchange rate)/ Consignment Amendment to import manifest must be made within 7 days of the arrival of the vessel in the port, failing which customs are empowered to impose penalty up to PKR 25,000 equivalent to USD subject to exchange rate)/ amendment and also holds the discretion to refuse amendments.
  • In order to minimize such penalties it is suggested that all cargo moving into Pakistan are manifested with extra caution and any amendments must be communicated immediately to , &  ,
  • Any penalties imposed as a result of wrong manifestation or late corrections would be communicated to the responsible port, for collection from shipper.
Afghan Commercial Booking

In case of Afghanistan Commercial Booking ensure following details are provided and updated in GCSS.

HS Code Requirement Specific HS CODE limited to six (6) digits for the particular (Booked) commodity is mandatory. Any mismatch may attract delays in customs clearance as well as fine/penalties by local customs authorities.

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