Maersk Customs Services in United States of America

Our Maersk Customs Services can help you with the complexities of border controls and customs regulations. For import and export cargos. At both - origin and destination.

The Impact of Covid19 on sourcing

Many companies have seen more changes in the last 5 months than in the last few years. What has been the impact of Covid19 on sourcing and what will be next in trade? Listen to Janet Labuda, Head of Trade Services for North America who will walk you through this topic.
The Impact of Covid19 on sourcing – what next in trade

Duty deferral conversation

Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) announced that importers of certain goods could defer for 90 days duties owed on products brought into the United States. The duty deferral is meant to help importers cope with the economic effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, but how does this work? Listen to Jane Taeger – Head of Trade Compliance Services with Maersk in North America talking about duty deferral and recommended actions.
Duty deferral conversation

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Core product

Import customs clearance

Standard full import customs clearance process

  • ISF filing
  • Import entry declaration all modes across the USA
  • HTS classification
  • Arrangement of delivery

Export customs clearance

Standard full export customs clearance process

  • Export declaration
  • AES filing
  • Summary reporting

Transit documents

Full range of trade advisory services
Technical support on complex customs issues

  • HTS review and validation
  • FTA certification
  • Post Entry Claims
  • Drawbacks

Maersk Customs Services at a glance

Global presence

In house operations in most of the countries we serve

Automated systems

  • API/EDI and streamlined processes which ensure fast and reliable customs clearance
  • Flexible automation solutions - we use a variety of formats and structures and are actively exchanging data with most of the top-tier ERP and Trade Management solutions

Importer security filing

  • Sophisticated ISF (10+2) solutions help you avoid customs penalties
  • Broad selection of ISF filing options.

Duty Deduction

  • Innovative Duty Deduction program lets you save money on your dutiable goods
  • Integrated service with our SCM solutions at origin to provide SKU level freight deductions that lower the amount of duties and taxes you pay at destination

Single visibility platform

  • Maersk Customs Services in the USA and Canada under a single visibility platform
  • New way of looking at your supply chain and trade data. By using exception management method, MCS App provides you with ability to focus on important issues and use actionable intelligence to make informed decisions positively impacting your supply chain. Available on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone.


  • Customizable reporting to include landed costs, section 301 analysis, PGA releases and so much more
  • Automated delivery of reporting based on event triggers.  Reports can contain virtually any retained database element.


  • Expertise in all matters of trade compliance
  • International Trade experts ready to work for you and provide bottom line benefit to your organization by analyzing your supply chain compliance practices and suggesting improvements

Cost mitigating solutions

  • Proven track record of implementing solutions to reduce and increase compliance
  • Our clients save millions of dollars annually in duties and Customs fees

Post entry

  • We can perform post entry work as well as offer consultative services
  • Post Entry solutions include reconciliation, drawback, protest. Consultative services include tariff engineering, Special Programs Management, Product Database Management and more.


  • First Customs Broker to become CTPAT in 2002
  • We can also provide services to help importers obtain CTPAT status as well as manage requalification.


  • Foreign Trade Zone Specialists as well as bonded warehousing
  • We are both an FTZ proprietor and offer FTZ entry filing solutions. 


  • Assistance with securing Continuous Bonds
  • Assistance with government required customs bonds to ensure smooth entry clearance of your freight.


  • Assistance with ACH set up for transactional or monthly payment options
  • Electronic payment of government required duties and taxes for ease of transacting business.


  • MCS.GURU provides updates on all your latest industry news around the world

What is required to complete Maersk Customs Services?

Customer set up US Resident

  1. Signed Power of Attorney
  2. Signed rate sheet
  3. Valid US Tax ID or Social Security Number
  4. Completed MCS questionnaire
  5. Completed MCS questionnaire

Customer set up non-resident importer

  1. Signed Power of Attorney
  2. Signed rate sheet
  3. Additional books and records may be required.
  4. Completed MCS questionnaire
  5. Customer product database if available

Entry process

  1. Commercial invoice and packing list
  2. Bill of Lading
  3. Bill of Lading
  4. HTS if available
  5. Customer product database if available

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