Shipping to Lebanon

Demurrage and Detention

Charges Beirut Currency
20' 40' HC 45' Special equipment (Flat and OT all sizes)
Dry cargo 7 (day of discharge included)
Reefer cargo 5
Charges per calendar day after free-time
Demurrage (dry) - day 8 until day 21 (USD) 15 30 30 30 30 USD
Demurrage (dry) - day 22 onwards (USD) 20 40 40 40 60 USD
Demurrage (RF) - day 6 until day 21 (USD) 50 80 80 80 N/A USD
Demurrage (RF) - day 22 onwards (USD) 60 95 95 95 N/A USD

Demurrage charges are Subject to 11% of VAT . 
Demurrge for Special equipment, such as Flat Racks and Open Top equipment, is considered equal to dry equipment 
Any Special Agreement should be discussed with your sales representative and approved by Maersk Lebanon before being effective.


Detention does not apply at Beirut as according to Customs regulations, containers need to be gated back empty within 48 hours from date of gate out full. Demurrage agreement doesn’t include Detention


Documentation Requirements: 

Frozen Vegetables: Import of frozen vegetables can take place provided consignee is in possession of import license 

Chilled Meat: Following a newly amended local law, the chilled meat acceptance was increased to a maximum of 50 days from the date of slaughtering 

Potato Seeds: As confirmed by the ministry of agriculture in Lebanon, new regulations ensure acceptance of import of 'potato seeds' into LEB. It is very important, however, that the consignee has an import license whereby number of containers permitted is needed. Please check with (LEBSAL@MAERSK.COM)  with regards to validity of licenses. 

Meat: Restrictions regarding of import of meat from Belgium and other origins to LEB 

Cigarettes and Tobaccos: Cigarettes/ tobacco cargo can be shipped to Beirut port ONLY IF shipment is consigned to " Regie libanaise des tabacs et tombacs"

However, cargo can be shipped to Beirut free zone and not Beirut port for specific customers which are allowed to ship same and they have their own warehouses in Beirut free zone area.

Please revert to (LEBCSMAN@MAERSK.COM)  to check before acceptance of this cargo for consignee other than 'Regie Libanaise Des Tabacs et Tombacs". 

Manifest Amendments: Manifest Amendments and GCSS DOC amendments are not allowed 4 days before vessel arrival. Any urgent amendment requests during this time need to be sent to (LB.IMPORT@MAERSK.COM) for permission. 

Used Passenger Cars:  Age of Imported Used Cars into Lebanon has to be less than 8 years. Exceptions are for cars of Limited Editions which should be checked on case by case basis before loading. A bond should be signed before a consignee takes their delivery order. 

A check deposit of 500 USD is mandatory before a consignee takes their delivery order. 

Inland Haulage:  Maersk Lebanon only serves Beirut Port through a feeder. In the absence of Maersk Logistics in Lebanon, we can't accept any booking from/to Tripoli port (LBTRI) either on CY or SD basis as we don't offer inland haulage in Lebanon. In case needed, please update the shipment from/to Beirut port and liaise with your supplier/consignee in order to arrange the inland haulage on his own expenses.


Weight / Measurements:

  • Break-bulk is not accepted.


  • 45' containers are accepted provided stuffed in Beirut port. 45' containers cannot be moved outside port due to road/size restriction also no trucks available to accommodate such size

Bill of lading Clausing:

  • No specific clausing is required.


  • All charges are invoiced in USD. And payable either in USD or LBP. Except for shipments from Sudan and shipments "IN TRANSIT" to Syria - charges involved are to be collected against a cheque in Euro.
  • For cash payments an amount of 2$/1000$ USD is added to the payment.


We don't accept payment in Lebanon except for invoices under Leabnese payer. Full details needed for payer including VAT registration number.

Blacklisted Companies:

abou nouh trading

ali araysi & sons

amer araysi sarl

marwan el hassan

vahaken kirishdjian

mazaya trading 421027685

four ways, 42100010842

tasweeq, 42100027843

goldenline, 421023205

global cargo line, 42100035240

global cargo line sarl 42100044353 

new transport express 421032476

daoud said boutros 42100029391

Counter Procedures

While collecting Delivery Orders, shipments consigned to companies should present the following documents : Commercial Certificate and Commercial Circulaire of the consignee. For personal shipments : consignee should be physcially present to sign the B/L and along with their ID or Passport. If a consignee wishes to endorse a shipment to another consignee, then consignee should contact local Maersk office to retrieve the required from which will be filled with the presence of a Public Notary.

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