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Meticulous planning is crucial for any business to maintain operational excellence. Needless to say, in order to achieve this, you need complete visibility across your supply chain. This not only will help you save time and cost, it will also eliminate the scope for inefficiencies due to lack of communication.

With Maersk Destination Supply Chain Management solutions, you get to drive optimisation into your intricate ecosystem. This is done as we bring in unmatched visibility into your supply chain through proactive communication with suppliers at the origin much before the loading and plan the delivery for smoother execution.

Simplifying your complex supply chain challenges

When you are working in silos, it's difficult have a complete overview of logistics bottlenecks, blind spots in transportation costs, maintaining data in real-time and cope with the ever-changing market dynamics. Our solution gives you end-to-end visibility of your supply chain, so you can take control of your cargo’s journey. Read on to find out how we can help you optimise your logistics.

The Maersk solution in a nutshell

Our solutions not only give you a complete overview of your supply chain, they also help optimise decision making and your financial and commercial performance.

Here’s the flow of our visibility backed solution

Benefits of our supply chain solutions

Planning origin

Planning at origin

Reduce your freight and expedites by planning the flow of your cargo, documents, and information, right from the origin
Supply chain optimisation

Supply chain optimisation

Reduce your D&D spends and expedites by synchronising all your stakeholders in the destination markets
Visibility partner performance

Inventory visibility

Create and manage just-in-time inventory sizing and improve productivity by managing exception to speed up or slow down flows on need basis
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Visibility on partner performance

Balancing cost along with performance analysis of carrier, supplier, and other partners through clockwork supply chain strategies

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Through better planning and visibility, our customers not only saved time and money, they were able to build an ecosystem of continuous improvement and efficiency within their supply chain.

So, get ready to change your supply chain game forever.

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