Tangier global logistics hub

Strategically located in the southern straits of Gibraltar, the Tangier hub in Morocco sits at the heart of the global trade between Asia, Europe, Africa and America. Each day, over 200 cargo vessels pass Tangier Med area, facilitating global trade between these continents. With a strong presence of Maersk with 2 terminals and a free logistics zone – Medhub, this port connects to 186 ports in 77 countries.

Tangier Global Logistics Hub

Medhub, the free zone

Logistics dedicated zone located in the heart of the business centers of the region, Medhub is a suitable platform for the establishment of logistics bases to cover Europe, the Mediterranean and Africa, allowing a fast and efficient distribution to a market of more than 1 billion consumers.

Warehousing and Distribution

Value-added logistics services

Maersk customs services
Fulfilment, consolidation, deconsolidation, cross-docking and transloading
Picking, warehousing, co-packing, labelling, assembly and quality control
Custom Clearance
Customs house brokerage

The heart of global trade

Apart from the worldwide connectivity due to its location, what makes it so unique is its extensive inland connections to Europe with shorter transit times. Plus, you can also benefit from direct rail connections between Tangier Hub and the main cities in Morocco i.e., Marrakesh, Tangiers, Fez and Casablanca. So, our integrated transport and logistics solutions enable our key clients to better access and serve the different distribution markets with speed and reliability.

Global maritime connections Shangai Rotterdam Izmir
Global maritime connections
Transit Times
25 days
5 days
8 days
Global maritime connections Montreal Itapao Apapa
Global maritime connections
Transit Times
9 days
13 days
15 days
Destinations in Europe Spain Portugal France Italy
Destinations in Europe
Truck transit time
2 days
3 days
3 days
3 days
Destinations in Europe Germany United Kingdom Turkey
Destinations in Europe
Truck transit time
3 days
United Kingdom
3 days
10 days

Add more value

Tangier logistics hub is an end to end solution which reduces your logistics costs, complexities and optimises your supply chain. It offers you complete visibility of your cargo’s movement. Also, it increases your opportunity of accessing new markets by leveraging the strategic location. All of this through a single point of contact so that you can have a simplified logistics experience.

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