Maersk Customs Services in Belgium

Our Maersk Customs Services can help you with the complexities of border controls and customs regulations. For import and export cargos. At both - origin and destination.

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Please contact our customer service representative to include one of our Maersk Customs Service products in your supply chain.

Core products

Import Customs Clearance

Standard Full Customs Declaration, paying Duty & VAT upon arrival in the country in scope to gain release of the cargo for onward delivery.

  • Import customs clearance
  • Simplified customs clearance
  • Customs & sanitary inspections

Export Customs Clearance

Standard Declaration to Customs to gain permission to export outside of the EU.

  • EX – A / EU – A documents
  • Certificates of origin / EUR.1

Transit Documents

A transit document allows the free movement of containers through European territories, suspending the payment of Duty and VAT until the destination.

  • T1
  • T2L (EU origin) issuing + clearance

Additional Maersk Customs Services

  • Customs Quick Health Scan – A high level risk & control assessment of the customers business highlighting potential gaps and providing support and solutions where required.
  • Peak Volume Management Programme – Assistance with daily Maersk Customs Services activities when the customer needs it most.
  • Origin and Free Trade Agreements – Awareness & guidance on FTA’s & preferential origins.
  • Classification Management – An overview of current Classification Databases or a Full End-to-end Reclassification Programme from our trained specialists.

* Costs will vary depending on the type of business, size & requirement – please refer enquiries to Damco/Maersk.

What is required to complete Maersk Customs Services?

Signed Direct Representation Authorisation / Power of Attorney (POA)

Signed by the Trader & on Company Letter Headed paper. This grant’s permission for MCS to complete customs formalities on behalf of the Trader and provides the required details to enable internal account creation.

Direct Representation Authorisation / Power of Attorney are between the Trader and MCS.

Mandatory documents required:

  • Signed Direct Representation Authorisation / POA
  • Commercial invoice(s)
  • Packing list(s)
  • Classification Number / HS code
  • Copy of the Bill of Lading

Additional documents (where applicable)

  • Licences
  • Health Certificates
  • Preference Certificates

EORI Number

The trader must have a valid EORI and VAT number to hold a solid audit trail with customs authority and tax office & to be eligible to claim back any potential VAT paid.

* Originals to be submitted to MCS where necessary


  • HS code provided by Customer.
  • Not included: Phyto documentation/inspections; Health Certificate; Scanning; Physical inspections; drayage, port charges, demurrage and detention, port transit documentation, classification or additional consultancy services.
  • Subject to MCS Trading Conditions.
  • Use of MCS deferment Account is subject of capital advance fees.

For Abbreviations & Explanations, please check shipping terms.


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