Shipping to Dominican Republic

Get up-to-date local information about import procedures and restrictions, demurrage and detention, container pick-ups and more.

Demurrage and Detention

Freetime DAYS Calendar / Working Same / Next day if after Next day if after : TIME
DRY 8 Calendar Same_Day  
REEF 5 Calendar Same_Day  
IMO 8 Calendar Same_Day  
OTHER 8 Calendar Same_Day  

From (Days) To (Days) Rate for20 DRY Rate for40/45 DRY Rate for20 REEF Rate for40 REEF Rate for 20' Flat & Open Top Rate for 40' Flat & Open Top IMO 20' IMO 40'
Tier 1 9 15 USD 72 USD 72 USD 72 USD 72 USD 72 USD 72
Tier 2 16 Thereafter USD 95 USD 95 USD 95 USD 95 USD 95 USD 95
Tier 1 6 10 USD 240 USD 240
Tier 2 11 Thereafter USD 264 USD 264


Special customs requirements

  • For cargo release, customer must present to DR Customs: 2 OBL's, commercial invoice and packing list and payment of the corresponding duties.
  • All manifest must be translated in to Spanish.

Used Cars 

The 147 Law of General Customs bureau, effective July 5th 2002 has prohibited the import of used vehicles older than 5 years. Any car that not comply with this requirement will be confiscated and all charges will be under the responsibility of the car owner or the Shipping Line if this last one refuses to accept them. 

For further information, please contact

Freight collect approval 

All imports with freight collect payable in the DR must be authorised by Maersk Dominicana Finance Department. Please contact

Special cargoes 

OOG and IMO cargo are subject to standard Maersk & Port Authorities approval procedures. 

For more information, please contact (


Bill of lading 

Sea way bills are not acceptable in the Dominican Republic for import cargo release.

In Transit Cargo.

  • No cargo IN-TRANSIT to Rio Haina is accepted as Maersk does not provide service in this port.
  • As per DR Customs requirement, only Maersk is allowed to handled In-Transit Cargo to Haiti. Cargo will be taken to Port-Au-Prince only.

Cargo in Transit to Haiti should not exceed 26 tons per container

For more information, please contact

General Weight Limit 

35 Tons max weight allowed at port including tare weight.

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