Shipping to Austria

Inland Services

Maersk offers full coverage of all inland locations in Austria with rail and direct truck products. The rail combined product portfolio consists of unique Maersk block trains which connect inland terminals Enns with port of Koper and Bratislava with port of Koper, Bremerhaven and Hamburg. The connections from/to terminals Graz, Salzburg, Villach, Wien and Wolfurt Maersk offers in cooperation with our intermodal partners. From/to all inland terminals Maersk offers both store-door service where the trucking is organized by Maersk or inland CY service where the customers can organize the trucking themselves.

Supported inland service modes in Austria



Having a freight option that can accommodate your hauling needs is important. Rail provides versatility, high carrying capacity, and speed making it a great option.

Full truck load


Trucks provide flexible point-to-point service, delivering small loads over short to long distances over widely dispersed geographic areas.

Rail information

Maersk block trains with full commitment

Enns –> Koper: 1x per week
Bratislava <-> Bremerhaven: 3x per week*
Hamburg -> Bratislava: 1x per week*
Bratislava/Dunajska Streda: <-> Koper: daily*
*for shipments from/to Wien area

Rail products (in cooperation with our intermodal partners)

Graz <-> Koper: 5x times a week
Graz <-> Bremerhaven/Hamburg: 1x times a week
Enns <-> Bremerhaven: 3x times a week
Enns <-> Hamburg: 6x times a week
Salzburg <-> Koper: 5x times a week
Salzburg <-> Bremerhaven/Hamburg: 5x times a week
Villach <-> Koper: 5x times a week
Wien <-> Bremerhaven: 2x times week
Wien <-> Hamburg: 4x times week
Wolfurt <-> Rotterdam: 3x times a week
Wolfurt <-> Bremerhaven: 3x times a week
Wolfurt <-> Koper: 5x times a wee

Block train Enns Koper

In April 2019 Maersk has successfully launched their first regular block train connection from Austria to Koper. The train, which is fully operated by Maersk, departs from the terminal Enns every Friday evening and arrives to port of Koper in Slovenia every Saturday evening. The train runs in a triangle on the route Enns – Koper – Budapest – Enns and its arrival to Koper is closely linked to Maersk AE12 vessel departure. Maersk and Sealand ocean products from Koper jointly provide great connections to Far East, Middle East and Mediterranean markets to Austrian exporters.

Maersk is connecting the important industrial area of Northern Austria with Port of Koper which represents the key port gateway for the Austrian market. From the Enns terminal, Maersk offers store-door service where the trucking is organized by Maersk or inland CY service where the customers can organize the trucking themselves. Maersk considers the terminal Enns as their core hub in Austria from which they plan to develop further intermodal connections in future.

The block train Enns-Koper itself is a break breakthrough addition to the Maersk existing intermodal product portfolio which fully covers the whole Austria area and connects the hinterland with ports Koper, Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Rotterdam. Maersk has already more than 15 years broad experience with intermodal operations within Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany or Benelux where they operate an extensive and mature inland network that consists of block train, trucking and barge products.


  •  revolutionary Maersk block train in Austria
  • Maersk full commitment on the train (42 FFE)
  • 1x block train/week
  • from the terminal Enns (10 km from Linz)
  • extensive equipment stock immediately available for you
  • closely linked to AE12 vessel departure/closing
  • departure from Enns: Friday evening
  • arrival to Koper: Saturday night
  • train cargo cut-off: Friday 12:00
  • your top solution to Middle East and Far East with short transit time:
  • Koper to Salalah: 16 days
  • Koper to Singapore 24 days
  • attractive inland and ocean rates:
  • no positioning will be required
  • no pickup fee will be required on top
  • all handlings included
  • SD/CY Inland rates available


Getting started

To take advantage of our door-to-door inland services, simply add it to your next booking. Alternatively, look up inland service tariffs in your country.