Container Protect in Cambodia

Protect your shipments against all hassles related to container damage.

Container damage can happen at any point in transit. Since it also occurs frequently, you’re likely to get caught in the cycle of determining the cause, bringing about irreversible delays to your cargo’s journey. In such situations, the ideal solution is to make sure that all container damage disputes are resolved by someone else, quietly in the background.

Introducing Container Protect by Maersk for Cambodia – designed for hassle-free container damage settlements. Adding it to your cargo’s journey makes it immune to all damages in transit* so that you don’t have to worry about any of the hassles.

container protect

So seamless, it’s like nothing happened

Your Container Protected shipment experience is entirely seamless. We handle all the formalities so that your focus stays on your business, away from trivial disputes.

Hassle free
No more hassles
You don’t have to invest your time identifying the reasons for damage. With Container Protect, you can rest assured that we will take care of all the hassles.
Stopwatch error
No more delays
Every time a container sustains damage, you could fall behind, leading to late container returns and avoidable charges. With Container Protect, container returns can continue as planned.
No tariff rates
No more surprise costs
Container damages are protected up to the chosen limit, so you will never be blindsided by added charges for any mysterious dent, chip or scratch.

Why Container Protect is right for your business

Shipping cargo should be as easy as possible. Container Protect does exactly that – it rids you of the hassle that container damage can bring.
Protects all commodities
From scrap metal to paper, damages are frequent – sometimes inside, sometimes outside. Container Protect deals with both scenarios with equal simplicity.
Flexibility pictogram
Easily available
Container Protect comes in two variants: Container Protect Essential and Container Protect Unlimited. Container Protect Essential is included in your shipment bookings by default, for ready protection up to USD 250. To increase the limit, you can upgrade to Container Protect Unlimited before the estimated arrival of your cargo.

The best protection against container damages in Cambodia

Container Protect Essential:

  • USD 25/ container*
  • New product called Container Protect Essential is applicable to all import shipments as standard offering for all commodities.
  • New product covers container repair and cleaning, up to USD 250.

Container Protect Unlimited:

  • USD 120/ container*
  • Optional for all import commodities, Container Protect Unlimited gives container repair and cleaning cover with unlimited coverage. As a customer, you need to pay just USD 95 on top of Essential to upgrade to unlimited coverage.

Applicable from*:

  • For contract with pre-agreed surcharges, the effective date will be applicable for the next contract period.
  • For SPOT booking, the effective date is the 1st October 2022 Estimated Time of Departure (ETD) at the booking confirmation date.

In the coming months, we will be adding more countries around the globe so we can serve you everywhere.

*Subject to Container Protect Terms & Conditions


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