The logistical landscape of Asia Pacific has significantly altered after the pandemic. It’s like a chessboard – the various business metrics like inventory turnover ratio, stockouts, lead times, cost savings, etc. resembling the chess pieces. With the evolving post-pandemic inventory management challenges testing your supply chain, the game has already begun.

What’s your opening gambit? Experts view a tailor-made just-in-time approach to inventory management as your safest strategy. The evolved just-in-time model offers strategic advantage to your supply chain and ensures it stays a step ahead of disruptions.

Adapting the just-in-time model to the specific needs of your supply chain demands a reliable logistics plan – one that is an efficient mix of state-of-the-art transportation assets, superior warehousing and digital solutions. Crafting a successful just-in-time model calls for an analysis of a range of metrics. What are these metrics? How do they play out on the chessboard?

Our latest Blue Paper provides the answers. Here’s the preview of what this edition titled ‘Mastering the Supply Chain Chessboard: Adapting JIT to the new rules of inventory efficiency gameplay’ offers:

Accessing the Board
The Current State of JIT in APAC
The pandemic made businesses recalibrate the just-in-time strategy to a reliable just-in-case version.
Opening Gambit
Moving Towards an Evolving JIT Model
The evolved just-in-time model is an enabler of speed to market.
Separating Fact from Fiction in the Evolved JIT Model
Deep diving into misconceptions about the just-in-time strategy is the first step towards successfully adapting it to the needs of your supply chain.
Middle Game
Manoeuvring for JIT Success in APA
Narrowing down on the most important consideration in inventory management is necessary to leverage the evolved just-in-time model.
Real-world Cases of Successful JIT Implementations in APA
Lacoste China is one of the many success stories that testify to the efficiency and reliability of the evolved just-in-time model.

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