Unleashing the UPSIDE potential for the Technology & Electronics industry

What’s the UPSIDE?

The technology and electronics industry has a lot of moving parts. Between sourcing, assembly and distribution, a smartphone could move between half a dozen countries and time zones to reach a customer’s pocket. To keep every part in a technology value chain operating smoothly, you need a flexible supply chain solution. It needs to help you see what’s ahead while keeping an eye on what’s happened.

We believe integrated logistics is THAT vehicle for transformation. New digital platforms, connected physical assets and game-changing insights are the answer. Get a new perspective and unleash your UPSIDE potential with integrated logistics.

Industry overview

Both the Technology and the Electronics industry face a wave of turbulence as we move further into this decade, because COVID-19 can disrupt manufacturing processes and force businesses to move production facilities to non-tariff bound locations.

And that's just one example of the challenges that we need to face.

When it comes to shipping electronics, at Maersk, we’re here to help you enjoy stability in volatile times and gain the advantage of our global logistics network to take care of the rest.

Our push-driven logistics practices – such as remote assembly, supply chain outsourcing and 3PL engagement – are fit-for-purpose and designed to keep your products freely available and competitively priced.

We believe the following trends will help you ride this wave and stay ahead of the curve:


Capitalising on opportunities in emerging markets

  • In the next two decades, around three billion new customers will enter the middle-class, most of whom will be from emerging markets.
  • Their consumption of technology is estimated to increase by $14 billion; this is a huge opportunity but also one that demands preparation.
Customer experience

Changing sourcing patterns to decrease lead times and enhance the customer experience

  • The global marketplace, alongside demand patterns, are constantly changing. With products hitting the market faster, long lead times are hampering business opportunities and profits.

Building up customer-centric supply chains with instant feedback

  • 81% of companies with excellent customer service enjoy a competitive advantage. To follow suit, enable an easy returns process and adopt the policies, technologies and processes to support this.

Getting smarter connections

  • The Big Data age has created technologies that enable virtualisation of the supply chain, turning information into insights. This means that logistics processes and technologies will get smarter.
  • Today, manufacturers are focusing on building a more resilient integrated supply chain plan.

Adding value to our customers

With Maersk as your partner, take advantage of our deep understanding of the Technology & Electronics industry to build a more efficient supply chain.

We focus on offering agile solutions characterised by safety and digital innovation, led by a global team of highly talented logistics professionals.

Technology & electronics supply chain management

The world of transport and logistics makes global trade tick like clockwork, connecting producers and suppliers with consumers through global supply chains. It is a complex machinery with many gears and wheels that need to connect and work in tandem to move products seamlessly from A to B. This is why HP have worked closely together with Maersk since 2010 to streamline its supply chains. HP and Maersk have had a long-standing and trusted relationship.

- Rod DeGesero, Global Director for Procurement & Partner Management at HP Inc.

Innovative technologies, such as blockchain and AI machine learning can potentially disrupt existing supply chain operating models.

- Gartner’s Top 8 Supply Chain Technology Trends for 2019.

On time. Every time.

For Technology and Electronics, it's key that products reach their destination on time and as planned as missing a season can deem the products near obsolete. Discover how we worked with our customer - a world-leader in the computer, communications, and consumer electronics - to resolve supply chain delay, which was mainly caused by exception management.

Time is Everything

Report: The New Norm of Manufacturing

Manufacturing, particularly within the Technology and Electronics industry, is changing. China +1, nearshoring and late localisation have emerged as key strategies, allowing Tech & Electronics brands to build more resilient supply chains that can respond more quickly to world events and fluctuating demand. At the same time, new emerging markets are establishing themselves as key destinations for products, encouraging manufacturers to shift manufacturing locations and supply chains accordingly to accommodate new consumers.

Thus, a new norm is being established; businesses need to consider how best to navigate the increased complexity while still controlling costs and on-time delivery.

The New Norm of Manufacturing

Logistics’ Digital Revolution

As supply chains grow ever more complex and fragmented, technology will take an increasingly central role in how the industry develops and overcomes those challenges. As a result, the demand for new technologies in supply chains has increased significantly and logistics now stands before a crucial inflection point that will see profound changes to how the industry operates. Fundamental to this technological revolution will be the establishment of clear industry data standards that are the key to unlocking the enormous potential of new technologies such as AI and blockchain. At the same time, taking advantage of these new technologies will require an underlying shift in the way both businesses and logistics providers manage and act upon the insights they provide.

In this report we speak with Maersk’s Navneet Kapoor, Chief Technology and Information Officer, Carsten Frank Olsen, Global Head of eBusiness, Lars Schmeltzer, Global Head of Orchestrator, 4PL, and August Chen, Head of China Digital Innovation, to examine the key challenges facing the adoption of new technologies within logistics as well as some of the trends that are shaping the industry and what benefits they might bring.

Logistics’ Digital Revolution

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