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Dry, frozen or refrigerated, you’re sorted

Given that your stock involves both - dry and refrigerated products - you need logistics solutions that consider the nature of these goods accordingly. The integration of ocean and logistics services lets you enjoy a comprehensive product portfolio that will allow you to make your supply chain agile enough for fresh produce while optimizing inventory flows for longer shelf life products.

Manage a most cost-efficient supply chain and ensure the availability of products with innovative and connected supply chain management, intermodal, customs, and warehousing solutions for fresh, frozen or dry cargo.

Fresh Produce
Fresh produce

Our integrated transport solutions will give your supply chain greater agility. To deliver quality produce to your world markets on time and in peak condition.

Frozen Products
Frozen products

There’s only room for pleasant surprises for your frozen cargo. At Maersk, our flexible supply chain solutions give your frozen cargo the utmost care.

Center Store
Centre store & longer shelf life products

At Maersk, we prioritise your cargo just the way you would. By closely considering their nature and demand, to ensure that they are perfectly in stock.

Weekly merchandise products
Weekly merchandise products

We help you maintain a smooth, steady, and an uninterrupted flow of your cargo. By being the single touch point for a comprehensive supply chain experience.

Keeping the Shelves Stocked

Trends and Challenges in Supermarket Supply Chains

Supermarket supply chains are complicated at the best of times. However, this complexity is only likely to grow amid rising geopolitical pressures and black swan events like COVID-19 which have exposed just how vulnerable global logistics is to disruption. As a result, businesses across the world are shifting focus towards improving the resilience and flexibility of their supply chains in order to better prepare for future disruptions. For supermarkets, however, this poses some unique challenges that are exacerbated by decreasing profit margins, waning customer loyalty, and the rise of omnichannel shopping.

In this report, we hear from Maersk’s Global Head of Retail, Johanna Hainz, Global Head of Cold Chain Logistics, Katharina Poehlmann, and European Head of Program Management, Jordi Avellaneda De La Calle, on the challenges supermarkets are facing today and what solutions are available to them.


Our solutions have helped numerous Super/Hypermarkets keep up with the dynamic retail world.

Integrated solutions can boost your performance

An unbroken integrated cold chain helped our customer – a Moroccan citrus exporter – enhance their top and bottom-line performance by minimising overheads and waste, and maximising sales options. Ensuring that their produce gets to the destination in peak quality.

Integrated solutions can boost your performance

Flexibility can speed up your delivery

At Maersk, our integrated supply chain solutions helped a leading grocery retailer in the US to mitigate the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. By helping them keep up with the sudden surge of demand for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ensuring the highest safety standards for their staff and customers.

Flexibility can speed up your delivery

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