Value Protect

A solution to keep your cargo protected from logistics-related risks.

Easy claims handling for lost or damaged cargo

Sometimes things go wrong. If your shipment is damaged or lost, our teams are here to help. We offer a fast and straightforward claims handling process through our dedicated service team.

The table below provides an overview of the requirements in the cargo claims process for the various Value Protect packages:

You can choose from:

Package Coverage
Dry Starter
Up to 15,000 USD
Dry Base
Up to 30,000 USD
Cool Standard
Up to 12,000 USD
Dry Plus
Up to 60,000 USD
Dry Extended
Up to 120,000 USD
Cool Advanced
Up to 36,000 USD
Special Standard
Up to 180,000 USD
Special Advanced
Up to 240,000 USD

Here are the benefits you can expect under these packages:

  • Dedicated claim handling team
  • Two weeks from submission to resolution
  • Simplified document requirements*:
    • Commercial Invoice
    • Packing list
    • Letter of Protest, including claim amount breakdown
    • Colour photos
    • Surveyor report for sustainable claims**

* We reserve right to request additional documents for special cases.
** Surveyor will be appointed if required to make a settlement.

Frequently asked questions

Need to get a bit more clarity? Here are some of the most raised questions we receive about our Value Protect product. We do hope it helps you make a better decision on protecting your goods from logistics-related risks.

How to file a claim

Filing a claim with Maersk for your cargo package is easier that you realise. Just reach out to a member of our Value Protect team who will guide you at every step.

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