Equal at Sea

Charting a course towards an inclusive future

Transforming shipping with women on board

Maersk is committed to unlocking opportunities for women seafarers across the globe, and ensuring a safe work environment on-board.

Equal at Sea brings together policymakers and industry experts, working together to build a more inclusive shipping industry and enable more women to thrive in seafaring careers.

Women Saefarers

A Tribute from the Maersk Leadership Team

Honoring Women Seafarers: A Tribute from the Maersk Leadership Team

Women in the seafaring workforce today:


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Equal at Sea is about creating an ecosystem where men and women are treated equally, provided equitable opportunities and allowed to thrive in a just environment….for all the aspiring women seafarers- go for it! Live your dreams!

Karan Kochhar
Head of Marine People, Asia,  A.P. Moller - Maersk

Together, we need to unearth taboos, bust the myths and recognise competence over opinion, inclusion over differentiation, and equality over biases. As an industry, I believe it is our collective responsibility to drive women's participation dedicatedly and sustainably.

Niels Bruus
Head of Marine People and Culture, A.P. Moller - Maersk

Equal at Sea 2023

June 30th - Taj Santacruz, Mumbai 

Industry leaders, policymakers, experts and people from the field will gather to identify key focus areas, and commit to taking actionable steps towards making seafaring both a viable and desirable career for women in India.

A day in the life of our women seafarers

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Hear from our women on board

I am the luckiest girl that I am a part of Maersk. My life has totally changed since I joined.

Bharati Pashuram Bandiwadar
TOS, A.P. Moller - Maersk

If you want to bring a change, be the change!
I am privileged to be a seafarer. We get the best of everything.

Varsha Baral
Deck Cadet, A.P. Moller - Maersk

Safety & security is something that is very important for every person. When I’m sailing with Maersk what I’ve felt is that I’m very safe and secure. Maersk has always kept that promise of keeping you safe.

Pranamya Praveen
Deck Cadet, A.P. Moller - Maersk

Women Cadet Program

Addressing the gender imbalance in shipping starts with empowering women to choose seafaring as a career. Our cadet program promotes and supports women in India as they embark on a career at sea, and we aim to have women making up 50% of our fresh cadet intake by 2027.

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