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Connecting the world for more than a century.

Dive into the story of Maersk

From our humble beginnings as a steamship company to becoming the Global Integrator of Logistics, our heritage has many facets. We’re proud of our long history of connecting the world and delivering value through our actions, commitments and goals.

Dive into Maersk – all the challenges and achievements from our rich past to our present day – and discover the people and stories that made us who we are today.

Inside the Blue Gallery, Maersk Museum
Inside the Blue Gallery, Maersk Museum

Strong foundations – our future is rooted in our past

To understand how Maersk came to be the Global Integrator of logistics we are today, we must look back over several generations of strong leadership.

The principles that guided the founding family paved the way for the values that will continue to guide Maersk now, and in the years to come.

Maersk ship in danish town svendborg
A.P. Møller oversees the launch of DRAGØR MÆRSK, 1961

The values are a constant in an ever-changing world, an anchor and a beacon for us all. They are a link to the past, give us guidance today and will remain an integral part of our future.

Ane Mærsk Mc-Kinney Uggla

Maersk in Containerisation Podcast

Join our historians Charlotte Andersen and Henning Morgen as they take us on an audio tour of the history of the container revolution.

A star is born

The iconic white seven-pointed star of the Maersk logo dates back to 1886, when Peter Mærsk Møller chose it as an emblem for the funnel of his very first steamship, the steamship LAURA.
Maersk line star logo

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