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Global logistics at your fingertips.

Stay close to your logistics, anytime, anywhere

No two days are the same for a business. Markets change. Prices change. Routes and expectations change. Juggling all these variables across multiple teams, vendors and borders is a challenge as supply chains get more complex.

The new and improved Maersk App is the solution to getting better control of your supply chain. Our intuitive app is always ready with real-time updates on everything you need to keep your logistics on point and ahead of the game. Gain visibility on your shipments from A to B and structure your supply chain based on your strategy.

Welcome to the Maersk App. Integrated Logistics at your fingertips.

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Never miss a great Maersk Spot rate

Finding the best prices takes work, but not anymore! With the Maersk App, track all the best rates on the go so that your cargo can be on its way with complete certainty of fixed prices and guaranteed loading. Don’t worry if you don’t have a fixed deadline: we now offer Rollable cargo reservation right on the app. Simply select the option when making your booking and we’ll take care of the rest.
Never miss a great Maersk Spot rate

Reporting live from everywhere!

Follow your cargo around the world 24/7 with real-time status updates. Do you have multiple shipments on the way? Mark them as ‘Favourites’ for quick and easy access.
Reporting live

Itinerary optimisation in the palm of your hand

Determining the best itinerary for your cargo is now as simple as selecting an origin and a destination. The Maersk App searches and gives you a range of options for vessels, ports and routes to suit your exact needs.
The simplest itinerary

Access your invoices anytime, anywhere

Invoices are now available on the Maersk App! You can now carry all your documentation right in your pocket, everywhere you go. You can also view and share all details of your shipments with other stakeholders in your network, anytime you need.

Integrated logistics made easy

Discover the Upside to integrated logistics. Wave goodbye to complexity as we leverage technology to create new possibilities for you.

Download the Maersk App today and start your journey to growth!

An all-rounder

The Maersk App is designed to make your life easier on the go. You can completely manage your entire shipment all the way from origin to destination with just a few taps.





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