Human capital

Our people are the foundation for our company capabilities, our growth, and our transformation into a genuine global integrator.

Why human capital matters

Our Global Integrator strategy is transforming Maersk in three fundamental ways: from conglomerate to end-to-end logistics provider, from fossil fuel follower to green industry leader, and from technological conservative to digital frontrunner.

To ensure this transformation is successful, we need to ensure we can attract, engage and retain the right talent to take our vision of global integration all the way.

Why human capital matters

Our strategies

59th Percentile

Our progress in 2021

Employee engagement score (Gallup database of global companies)

Top Quartile

Our target for 2025

Score on engagement survey

Our ambition

We aspire to create an engaging environment for all our colleagues, and to be a company where talented people can develop and enjoy thriving careers.

Human capital

Priorities and actions

To fulfil the purpose of our Global Integrator strategy, we need engaged employees and significant new capabilities. These include talent areas such as technology, data analysis, leadership, and sales and marketing. All of these are areas where the competition for talent is fierce. Our focus on human capital reflects these priorities.

Maersk People strategy

Our People Strategy builds on our past strengths while focusing on the new capability areas we need to succeed in our goals. Our key ambition is to nurture a knowledge-driven organisation that is capable of reliable execution and made effective by the power of empathy.

We will drive the successful and sustainable transformation of our company through:

  • A ready supply of empathic, ambitious and purpose and values-driven leaders who inspire our employees to do their very best.
  • Continued investment in the development of all employees and outsized investments in areas that particularly fuel our Global Integrator strategy and drive customer outcomes.
  • A strong employer brand and talent acquisition processes that help us attract the right skills from the external market.

The next step on our engagement journey

We measure employee engagement twice annually. In a 2021 survey of over 72,000 colleagues, we were placed in the 59th percentile in the Gallup organisation's database of global companies.

Since adopting the Gallup approach in 2017, we have made progress toward being a top quartile engaged company. We consider this to be a leading indicator of success and have set it as our target for 2025.

The next step on our engagement journey

Maersk Sustainability Report 2021

Read more about our progress on environmental, social and governance dimensions in our latest Sustainability Report.
Maersk sustainability report

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