Stakeholder engagement

Understanding the needs and expectations of our stakeholders is the foundation for our ESG strategy and supporting actions.

Our approach to engagement

Maersk continuously engages with five key stakeholder groups. Their valued input informs our decisions and the actions we take to live up to our responsibilities and mitigate any potential negative impact on society or the environment. They also help us identify emerging issues that may pose a significant risk to our business.
Stakeholder group Stakeholder expectations Engagement channels
Stakeholder group
Stakeholder expectations

Solutions that ensure responsible business practices and net zero emissions in their supply chains

Engagement channels
  • Regular business dialogue
  • ESG criteria in tender processes
  • Strategic Customer Council
  • Partnerships and collective action alliances
Stakeholder group


Stakeholder expectations
Meaningful work, fair treatment and wages, a sense of belonging for all, and good development opportunities
Engagement channels
  • Daily interactions between managers and colleagues 
  • Engagement surveys 
  • Inclusion survey 
Stakeholder group


Stakeholder expectations
Strategies and plans to mitigate short and long-term risk to the business model
Engagement channels
  • Investor interactions with investors and analysts 
  • Investor roadshows and ESG investor calls 
  • Investor surveys 
  • ESG Day and Capital Markets Day  
  • Collective action alliances 
Stakeholder group
Stakeholder expectations
Compliance with regulation and industry leadership on transformation to net zero
Engagement channels
  • Bilateral engagement with local, national and international agencies and authorities 
  • Engagement through industry associations 
  • Collective action alliances
Stakeholder group

Civil society

Stakeholder expectations
Industry leadership and accountability on sustainability topics where Maersk is perceived to have impact and leverage
Engagement channels
  • Bilateral engagement 
  • Collective action alliances and partnerships 

ESG ratings as a proxy for stakeholder expectations 

We have prioritised ESG ratings that are most recognised and used by our customers and investors, and which align with our ESG priorities. Our ambition is to achieve leadership scores in these ratings and it is expected that our disclosure level will continue to increase as our ESG strategy matures.

ESG ratings as a proxy for stakeholder expectation

ESG risk to business  

We draw on Maersk’s enterprise risk management (ERM) process, which assesses top risks to achieving our business plan within a 5-year horizon.

Three ESG issues are identified among our top 10 ERM risks this year. These are: human capital (inability to attract and scale the right workforce to match business demand); climate change (failure to decarbonise our end-to-end supply chain at a speed that matches our customers’ and investors’ expectations); and business ethics (being involved in a large compliance case).

For more information, see the section on risk in our Annual Report.

ESG risk to business

Assessing our corporate human rights impacts

A corporate-level human rights assessment informs our understanding of Maersk’s potential and actual human rights risks and impacts across our value chain. Learn more about how Maersk works with Human Rights under our Social priorities.

Human rights

Engaging with customers on sustainability 

We engage with our customers on sustainability as part of daily business relationships and in dedicated fora. Understanding their needs and priorities is a vital part of our continuous evaluation of Maersk’s strategic direction, and we are always looking for potential partners, not least for driving us towards net zero as fast as possible.

Gaining deep insights into our customers’ own sustainability challenges and goals also gives us the opportunity to develop innovative and sustainable services that help their businesses go all the way.

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Sustainability Report 2022

Explore our progress on environmental, social and governance dimensions in our latest Sustainability Report.
Maersk sustainability report

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