The benefits of using rate sheet

  • Complete overview of rate levels available to you within the desired locations.
  • Get updates everytime there is a pricing change relevant to you.
  • Allows you to see the changes implemented, compared to previous versions.

A list of all the rates applicable within a given geographical scope, which is disseminated proactively in Excel format for easier reading and distribution.

  1. Check the terms and conditions associated with the usage of the ocean rates communicated in the rate sheets . Click for more information on the applicable ocean freight and demurrage and detention tariffs, as well as the answers to frequently asked questions.
  2. Check the BAS+ Surcharges in the rate sheet.
    • Receipt + Delivery - Should have exact geographical scope of rate which needs to match in booking.
    • Effective date + Expiry Date - Effective period, unless overridden in a future rate sheet. For rates to be applicable, the price calculation date (PCD) of a booking should be within the effective period.
    • A booking should be done for a commodity that fits within the commodity group in order for the rates to be applicable. Refer to Abbreviation page for a list of the applicable commodities for this rate sheet.
    • The charges stated in inclusive surcharges column are included within the BAS rate.
    • Charge - List of applicable mandatory surcharges to be invoiced.
    • Currency + Amount - To be invoiced for each charge, and the applicable currency. Surcharges other than those listed as “INCLUSIVE” are floating per tariff and subject to change at any time during the validity of this rate.
  3. Check the changed corridors in the rate sheet.
    • Scope of change - Displays all port pairs that have had a change vs the previous version sent, be it a change in the ocean freight amount, its effective/expiry date, or surcharge amount.
    • Delta - The difference in BAS rate level vs previous version sent to the customer.
  4. Check descriptions of the abbreviations used in the BAS + Surcharges and changed corridors in abbreviations tab.
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