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Seamless last-mile delivery for your e-commerce logistics needs.

A powerful combination of services at your disposal

Backed by a global network of ocean, air and land transportation services, Maersk E-Delivery ensures timely delivery to your final destination. Combining an efficient organisation of distribution and warehouse centres, our local and global expertise and innovative supply chain solutions, we are your specialists in providing last-mile delivery worldwide.

International Parcel Services

If you wish to accelerate your cross-border e-commerce business effortlessly, you can rely on us as your independent specialist in last mile delivery. At Maersk, we are happy to advise you on all customs-related issues and guide you through any regulations and processes that might sound challenging at first.

Maersk E-Delivery International Parcel Services provide you with tracked and untracked solutions so you can send and return packages to multiple destinations while maintaining full flexibility and visibility over their journey. All of this translates into more sales, less costs and more satisfied customers.

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Reverse Logistics

Create a seamless return experience for your customers with Maersk E-Delivery reverse logistics solution and grant your business more online shopping purchases, fewer abandoned carts, and a competitive advantage in many different countries. We ensure return services via local post offices or convenience stores with the simple use of a single web interface, without the need for costly investments in IT or international warehousing.

We now offer free-to-consumer or paid-by-consumer labels and provide label instructions translated in 16 local languages to facilitate stress-free returns and replacements for your parcels and packages.

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B2C Customs Clearance

Prevent delays, avoid the hassle: Shipping from China, the UK or the US has never been easier thanks to our Maersk E-Delivery B2C Customs Clearance services. By becoming a Maersk customer, you can rely on our experts to guide you through the complex international regulations and B2C customs clearance processes, ensuring that your products and parcels arrive safely at their destination.

To help you become more ambitious in foreign markets, we offer a combination of competitive logistics services, including customs.

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Data Integration

When choosing Maersk E-Delivery services you can unlock multiple integrations tools to optimise your supply chain. Speed is of essence when it comes to delivering parcels internationally. Accurate and reliable data can help you keep track of your shipments and have a comprehensive view on your entire e-commerce supply chain.

We offer you API and EDI solutions that can streamline your data and reduce labour-intensive work, delivering more accuracy and quick turnarounds in a fast-paced environment like e-commerce logistics. Learn how to seamlessly integrate your data by downloading our Data Integration guide and start taking advantage of our easy-to-use batch integration of pre-alert and API solutions.

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B2C Europe now a part of Maersk E-Commerce Logistics

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Maersk E-Delivery in Europe and key benefits

Maersk E-Delivery helps you sell more and spend less when shipping into Europe. Working with our E-Delivery product enables you to ship with more than 100 carriers through one single contract, improving the total cost of business.

Local Shipping
Offer your customers the best local shipping option in each of your European shop location
Volume bundling
Benefit from volume bundling and pass on savings to your customers
Standardised Tracking
Provide standardised tracking independent of the carrier
Real time pictogram
Deliver faster internationally
Monitor a single source of truth for pickup, customs, last-mile and returns performance
Shipping instruction
Solve clearance, claims, reshipping, and more

Source Globally

Dreaming of hassle-free cross-border e-commerce and supply chain management? Opt for our full-service solution that grants you international shipping at competitive costs from China and the US into Europe.

Distribute Regionally

Transportation from country to country made efficient and agile.

Deliver Locally

There is a large choice of carriers to handle your parcel distribution within Europe. Some have a domestic focus and other an international focus. With Maersk E-Delivery services you can rely on sourcing globally, distributing regionally and delivering locally.

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