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To achieve and retain a Trusted Trader or Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status, you need to have effective compliance and risk management processes in place. This includes managing your business partners, identifying critical incidents and issues, as well as working collaboratively across different parts of the organisation.

Our AEO Management Software is a cloud-based application that allows you to manage your customs certifications, risks and control activities. It helps mitigate the risk of penalties and loss of AEO status by providing a real-time view of current compliance levels across your entire organisation.

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What are the benefits of Maersk’s AEO Management Software?

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Unlock the power of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with quick access to the application at any time, from anywhere in the world, using your log-in details.

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Global view

Manage all compliance matters in one place with a global view of your customs compliance for all your business entities around the world.

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Consultancy services

Strengthen your compliance levels by identifying risks and working on closing all the gaps with the help of our customs experts.

Stay compliance-ready with our AEO Management Software

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Compliance Management

Actively measuring and working with your compliance is a prerequisite for your AEO certification. You must have proper procedures and measures in place – and you need to document them as well. With Compliance Management from our AEO Management Software, you can create a structured framework and gather everything you need. Our key features help you work actively with compliance and measure how well you do every step of the way.

Work with the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ)

The AEO Management Software uses the compliance criteria from the official Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) to evaluate and rate your compliance.

It explains the criteria you need to meet as an AEO company and covers a number of topics, all of which are important to evaluate your compliance.

First steps

  • Get a complete overview of compliance requirements
  • Familiarise yourself with every criterion that must be met
  • View linked operating procedures and ongoing work

Register operating procedures

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) play a crucial role in AEO Management Software. You must document all existing procedures and match them with the SAQ criteria to show customs authorities that your compliance is in place for all evaluated areas. You can upload supporting documents and assign the responsibility of each procedure to a named user.

Collaborate with subject matter experts

Other users can be appointed as contributors to make sure they participate in the procedure and provide their input during each review. After everyone has logged their feedback, the procedure can be approved, and a future review date is scheduled to ensure it stays up to date.

Build your compliance plan

You can gather all your ongoing activities in a central compliance plan. This enables you to address gaps and handle risks as they occur, or plan ahead with reminders and to-do lists.

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Business Partner Management

Build a record of all the business partners you interact with. You can store key details about each company and register them as trusted partners. AEO Management Software provides a built-in flow for requesting and managing security declarations, so you can rest assured that all partners are safe to work with.

Register your partners

Partners can be registered in AEO Management Software in just a few simple steps. You can add a primary contact for each partner and upload documents related to them to gather everything in one central place.

Upon registration, you can assign this partner a role within a supply chain to create a visual representation of your goods flows. If a risk affects the operator, this can be linked from the Risk Register in the software.

You can register

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Company info
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Sustainability focus

Build a network of trusted partners

Maintaining an AEO certification also means working with a network of trusted partners that have their own security routines.

AEO Management Software helps you keep track of each partner’s AEO or security status, including certification number and type. For companies without an AEO status, you can send a request for a security declaration of their compliance level.

AEO Management Software also provides templates and pre-defined workflows to request, process and log signed security declarations.

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Risk Register

Staying proactive and handling risks with proper care is a cornerstone in the effort to always stay compliant. AEO Management Software offers a risk register to help you document and mitigate any risks that may occur in your daily operations.

Register risks as soon as they occur

You can register detected risks in the AEO Management Software in just a few simple steps. It is mandatory to provide base details such as a description, type and status for each new risk.

In addition to this, you can also link risks to other entries from the software. By doing so, AEO Management Software can help you evaluate and document the scope of the risk. Additionally, anyone working with a related entry will also be able to see the risk.

Analyse and treat your risks straight from AEO Management Software

Risk mitigation extends beyond detection and registration. All risks need to be analysed to determine their severity and scope. Based on this, a treatment strategy can be selected.

You can add risk treatments to the compliance plan to organise and document your work. AEO Management Software calculates a risk development score with each update to help you monitor your progress.

Monitor risks to respond quickly

The risk dashboard makes risk mitigation less complex. Intuitive charts paired with clear colour coding help you maintain an overview of the status quo. This covers anything from severity and status to trends over time.

With this knowledge, you can make informed decisions about where to focus your efforts.

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