Warehousing and Distribution

Our strategic warehousing locations combined with best in class design tools,
processes and systems ensure cost-efficient distribution solutions.

Value added services

In an omni-channel world, some of the most effective solutions are those with the flexibility to minimize go to market efforts and consistently deliver to production lines, on time. Maersk's services are no different.


The scanning of cargo in accordance to your requirements to be performed at our facilities to ease inventory management (e.g. carton barcode scanning).
Warehousing services

Quality controls

We can assist on performing operational techniques and activities on cargo to fulfil your quality requirements (e.g. checking if the product is still functioning).

Warehousing services


We assist you with packing or re-packing of cargo based on specified requirements (e.g. re-packing cargo from damaged box into a new box).

Warehousing services

Cargo sorting

Sorting of cargo based on your requirements could be performed at our facilities (e.g. sorting of cartons on customer PO level).

Cargo sorting

Returns management

We can support your operation by managing your goods return flows into the warehouse.

Warehousing services


We can bring visibility on your inventory though the creation of customized reports (e.g. KPI reports) to support the logistics and decision making process.

Warehousing services

Product disposal

At our facilities we can perform value added services to a product, which may include disposal of (parts of) products.

Warehousing services


Either at origin or destination facilities we can support with the storing and transporting of cargo stacked on pallets as a unit load.

Warehousing services

Shaving/topping off pallets

Adjusting the height of a pallet by removing the upper layer(s) of cartons could be performed at our facilities.

Warehousing services


Either at origin or destination the printing and placing of labels according to your requirements could be performed at our facilities (e.g. any type of pallet or carton labelling, inner carton label, etc).

Warehousing services

Yard management

At our facilities trucks/containers at the yard could be managed by directing inbound and outbound trucks from the yard to the docks of the warehouse.

Warehousing and distribution

Garments on hangers

Our facilties are equipped to handle hanging garments on specified racks/rails.

Warehousing services

Product customisation

Our customization services (e.g. SKU building, bundling, localizing or kitting) will allow you to bundle precisely the components, tools and supplies that you need for a production or maintenance job, into packages.

Warehousing services

Pick and choose among our value added services

Our global team of warehousing and distribution experts can help you to configure best kit of value added services in accordance to your needs and include them as part of our value proposition.

You can approach them by direct contacting your Maersk Sales Representative.

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