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Supplier requirements

All suppliers shall respect the requirements of Supplier Code of Conduct in the areas of anticorruption, working conditions, human rights and environment. All supplier contracts should include the Code of Conduct and after signing, relevant suppliers are engaged in the programme.
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A. Zooming in on critical suppliers in high-risk categories

The Sustainable Procurement programme has a focused approach based on the high risk category methodology with additional focus on high risk countries that allow Maersk to prioritise resources towards the most critical suppliers. We assess these suppliers using a combination of audits, self-assessments and documentation reviews to monitor compliance against the requirements of the Supplier Code of Conduct. If there are any gaps, we engage with suppliers to formulate an improvement plan to anchor more responsible practices. 

High-Risk Categories are as below

  1. Trucking / Intermodal
  2. Warehousing services
  3. Facility management
  4. Outsourced labour
  5. Terminals and related services
  6. Shipbuilding yards / Drydocks
  7. Security services
  8. Promotional items
  9. Custom agents
  10. Security onshore
  11. Construction
  12. Chemicals / Paints
  13. Equipment / Maintenance / Repair (EMR)
  14. Container manufacturers
  15. Manning - Seafarers / Technical Vessel Management

B. High-Risk Countries

 Introduction: Maersk conducts country risk mapping to assess the risk perception at a country level

The objective of the Country Risk Mapping is to assess the risk perception at a country level on four aspects which guide the Maersk Sustainable Procurement (RP) programme - Corruption, Environment, Labour Practices and Human Rights. This is then used along with high risk categories to identify the high risk category-country combination and to drive focused RP compliance for high risk suppliers in high risk countries.

C. Supplier sustainability guidance

Introduction: To support suppliers in their endeavour to meet Maersk requirements, we have provided guidance on aspects which guide the Maersk Sustainable Procurement programme.

Labour and Human rights

D. Escalation

We take any possible violations of laws or Commit Rules seriously, also in areas such as human rights, safety and environment in our operations or business relations. Suppliers can raise any related concerns with the RP team or the concerned contract owner. Allegations can also be reported without fear of retaliation by any person within or outside Maersk through our Whistleblower System which is available worldwide in more than 75 languages.

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