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Overview & priorities

Why sustainable procurement matters?

Living up to our commitment to procure sustainably, we are integrating ESG as a strategic topic across supplier life cycle stages and establish end-to-end visibility on supplier performance through collaboration and engagement, with a goal of co-development and innovation towards sustainable outcomes.

We take a broad, structured approach to engaging with and supporting local suppliers to ensure they understand our global standards and our ESG assessment process.

We require that our suppliers comply to the Maersk Supplier Code of Conduct. We’re dependent on outsourced services and suppliers to deliver customer solutions. It is crucial that our third-party contractors maintain the standards in line with our code of conduct, and that we are aware of, and comply with, essential customer requirements.

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2024 targets

of suppliers (in scope) committed to the Supplier Code of Conduct
of strategic/high-risk suppliers undergoing ESG assessments
of high-risk category suppliers with Improvement plan successfully closed
procurement staff trained in sustainable procurement

Our priorities

Safety check
Third-party contractors’ compliance with safety and security standards
Third party contractors’ compliance with labor standards
Decarbonizing with our suppliers
Cross industry partnerships

Partnering for sustainable solutions

Supplier code of conduct (foundational expectations of Maersk from suppliers)

We require suppliers to respect and comply with the Maersk supplier code of conduct when conducting business. Starting with our supplier code of conduct as a base, we clarify our expectations for suppliers to conduct business ethically and responsibly.

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Labour rights

To improve life for all, we have a responsibility to ensure, that our suppliers treat their employees in a responsible way, aligned with international standards and with our own policies. This is applicable to employees that are not directly employed by Maersk-entities but are working with us and for us.

Starting with our supplier code of conduct as a base, in 2023 we clarified our labour expectations for suppliers with new global third-party labour standards, including child labour guidelines.

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Decarbonising with our suppliers

At Maersk, we've embraced the challenge by committing to ambitious short-term science-based targets initiative (sbti) goals, aiming to slash total scope 3 emissions by 22% by 2030.

This commitment not only provides a clear roadmap for our decarbonization efforts but also underscores our determination to make meaningful progress together with our suppliers within the stipulated timeframe.

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Speaking up

A key process anchored in the commit framework is the Whistleblower Programme of a.p. Moller - Maersk (Maersk), which aims to create a safe and secure environment for anyone to speak up and report violations without fear of retaliation. This is supported by effective investigations led by independent and impartial investigators, and by ensuring appropriate follow-up action to address violations and implement controls to avoid repetition.

The whistleblower programme supports anonymous reporting of cases and is available in multiple languages. Maersk fosters a speak-up culture and welcomes inquiries, questions and concerns from employees and outside parties.

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Sustainability Report 2023

Explore our progress on environmental, social and governance dimensions in our latest Sustainability Report.

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