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When joining Maersk Procurement, you become part of an international, dynamic and ambitious working environment characterised by strong team spirit. Go to our career site to find exciting opportunities within Maersk Procurement and join our global community of Trusted, Open and Brave people.

 Opportunities in a truly global company

Endless career opportunities are found within Maersk Procurement - regardless of your level and experience. Development of our people are crucial to our organisation, and in addition to continuous training offerings, we have two talent development programmes. This includes our Exchange Programme, which allows our talents to explore the Procurement worlds at HSBC and Henkel for a duration of six months at each place, providing priceless experiences and insights. Furthermore, our Maersk International Procurement Programme (MIPP) offers a unique experiential procurement learning journey in an unfamiliar business context supported by suppliers, internal advisors and mentors. We have additionally introduced the Student Digital Advisory Board in Maersk Procurement, where our students get to discuss ideas and challenge our future digital direction with the department's top management.

Meet our people

Student Assistant, Procurement Development

Julie worked as a student assistant in Procurement Development for one year up to the present and she shares her journey within Maersk Procurement:  

“My Maersk Procurement journey has been characterised by a huge amount of responsibility. I was treated with much respect ever since my first day, and I likewise received critical tasks from the very start – tasks where I could actually see how I created significant value for the company. It is very unique to interact with highly experienced and skilled colleagues and stakeholders, perform tasks for and with the CPO and senior management, and participate in important strategic conferences. These opportunities have been extremely educational to me and cannot be compared to what is taught in school. I really appreciate the fact that I have a voice here regardless of position, experience, gender, nationality, etc. The Student Digital Advisory Board represents an example of the relation between students and higher levels in the organisation (in this case senior management) – they do want to know what is on our minds, and they respect our ideas and perspectives highly. I have enjoyed every bit of my journey within the organisation, and I am excited to see what the future holds for me here.”

Julie Maersk Procurement

Procurement Analyst, Freight and Warehousing

Mathias began his journey in Maersk Procurement as a student assistant in Freight and Warehousing three years ago. Subsequent to two years in this position and upon finishing his studies, Mathias was employed as a full-time employee in the same team. He portrays his journey as follows: 

“My Maersk Procurement journey has been extremely educational and continues to be so. My three years in the organisation have been characterised by an overwhelming development and personal growth process along with a huge amount of responsibility. Maersk Procurement has a great working environment and provides optimal conditions for my growth. It is my experience that there is no limit to what and how much you can do here regardless of who you are and which level you are at. While interacting in an ambitious and hard-working environment, there is a positive and stimulating atmosphere as well as a healthy work-life balance in Maersk Procurement. Maersk offers endless career opportunities for a progressive and inspirational journey.”

Mathias Maersk Procurement

Project Manager, Strategic Sourcing

Garima joined Maersk in March 2017 as a contract employee and a mother of a one-year-old with Maersk's ‘Back to Work’ programme – a programme that enables women to restart their careers after a career break owing to maternity, marriage or other personal exigencies. 

"My journey in Maersk can be described by these five key terms: Personal growth, professional growth, immense learning, recognition and support. The organisation has a great working environment with a culture of care and commitment to its employees and customers. Recognising efforts, however small or big, and enabling the employees to help them do their best is a huge focus area for the organisation. While I got the opportunity to work on a variety of strategic projects and create value, I was also able to create a network of highly experienced and dynamic co-workers and management leaders at different levels. It is through this network that I was able to find the next opportunity for myself – in line with my career aspirations and interests – a testimony to Maersk’s commitment to support its employees to grow and learn, regardless of which team they are a part of. I am proud to work at Maersk – a place with a culture that makes me excited to come to work every day!"

Maersk Procurement

Senior Category Manager, Drydocking & Retrofit

Felix joined Maersk Procurement Shanghai three years ago, and after a few months, he embarked on a one-year exchange programme to our container factory in Qingdao. Felix is now back in Shanghai, where he has taken over the role of Senior Category Manager for Drydocking & Retrofits. He portrays his journey as follows:

“My journey in Maersk Procurement is a continuous learning experience. Whether optimising supply chains to our reefer factories in Chile and China, rethinking our procurement processes within Maersk Container Industry or managing large-scale vessel retrofit projects with shipyards, I found that I have the mandate to challenge the status quo, leverage synergies over all Business Units supported by a strong procurement community that shares the same values. In my current role, I work with colleagues and shipyards all over the world which is an exciting environment to further sharpen my procurement skills, and I am looking forward to finding out where this journey will take me.”

Felix Maersk Procurement

Procurement Analyst, IT Procurement

Ines joined Maersk Procurement as a student assistant a year ago and recently became a full-time employee. She describes her journey: 

“As a full-time employee that started as a student assistant at Maersk Procurement, I can proudly say that my experience helped me build a strong platform for my full-time career at Maersk. I always got the necessary support and coaching from my managers and fellow team members as well as being offered a wide array of trainings and courses to expand my procurement toolbox. Additionally, while writing my master thesis, I was given the opportunity to write about Maersk - and received a great deal of useful feedback and encouragement from Maersk Procurement's employees.”

Ines Maersk Procurement

Specialist, Responsible Procurement

Gaurav is passionate about sustainability and is currently working with Responsible Procurement at Maersk Procurement. He portrays his journey as follows:

“My journey with Maersk started in 2010 when I was hired for implementing the Responsible Procurement programme. This programme aims to create sustainable supply chains for Maersk by embedding United Nations Global Compact principles in areas of anti-corruption, labour & human rights and HSSE within suppliers’ own operations and their sub-suppliers. My role provides the opportunity to engage with multiple stakeholders, both internal and external, which has provided me good networking opportunities. In my experience ‘learning never stops at Maersk’ if you are committed and willing. I have worked for multiple brands such as Maersk Line, Damco, Maersk Tankers and Svitzer, which helped gain insights in the various industries they operate in. My role exposed me to various functions such as Anti-corruption, HSSE, Sustainability, Legal, Operations and Compliance, which enabled me to get a better understanding of the business. My interactions with people from different geographies has helped me become culturally sensitive and develop a global work attitude. I like the spirit of Maersk, which encourages to ask questions and foster curiosity to seek the next challenge. I enjoy working at Maersk as it helps me evolve personally and professionally while maintaining a good work-life balance.”

Maersk Procurement

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