Optimising customer supply chains since 2001, we take pride in our strength and ambition as a procurement organisation. We go All The Way to stay ahead of the competition and drive global sustainable development.

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In Maersk Procurement we firmly believe that procurement goes beyond cost. While safety and quality remains a top priority, sustainable solutions and digital innovations are key drivers for us. We want to work with suppliers who share our core values and vision to help us go beyond meeting our end customers’ needs and maintain our industry leadership while creating value for all parties - who supports us in our journey towards a carbon-neutral future.

Maersk Procurement is driving consortium activities with other reputable companies to capture benefits of joint procurement. Joint procurement offers suppliers many benefits such as higher volume, process improvement and growth opportunities. 

We want to create partnerships and mutually beneficial outcomes for ourselves, our customers as well as our suppliers. We have a differentiated approach towards suppliers and we aspire to continuously look for ways to unlock value for our suppliers’ offerings. We believe that a close relationship should be built with any supplier who brings value to our business; a relationship where benefits go both ways.

Our suppliers are crucial to us, and we seek open and innovative relationships characterised by close dialogues. We value our suppliers’ feedback, and we want you to be our sparring partner, asking questions and providing suggestions when relevant.

We are committed to help achieve Maersk’s ambition of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, and our suppliers play an important role in this as well.

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This programme provides an easy, on-demand way to increase working capital , decrease leverage, improve financial metrics and manage risk.
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