Maersk Post #3, August 2015

Theme: Innovation for growth

Which it feeds into defining the future growth is one of Maersk Group’s priorities for this year and in this theme you can read about some of the ideas that are bringing benefits across the business.

Tracking the clues

A new research centre in Denmark is looking at ways to extract more oil from the North Sea. By focusing research work to achieve a clear business benefit, it aims to improve the recovery from a basin that still has plenty of potential.

Big lesson from a small blender

Penniless and unwanted after the financial crisis, Maersk Fluid Technology’s recent success is instructive for future innovation pursuits.

Uncorking Algeciras

In a handful of critical ‘hub’ ports where delays can impact reliability across Maersk Line’s entire vessel network, an unconventional partnership with APM Terminals is delivering big benefits to both companies.

Stellar performance

Maersk Drilling’s newly built hardware has hit the ground running, delivering consistent operations from the start. It achieved this with features such as more automation and carefully planned hiring, and customers are welcoming the performance.