My name is Patricia Perez Salazar, and I am the Managing Director for Maersk Mexico. I’ve been fortunate to be part of this organization for nearly 17 years. Reflecting on my journey, there is one aspect that truly resonates with me which is Maersk’s commitment to inspiring and fostering inclusion.

My Maersk journey: From Trainee to Managing director

I joined Maersk as a management trainee in 2007 where I quickly found myself immersed in learning about logistics, management, and my own capabilities which laid the foundation for my growth.

In my time at Maersk, I've taken on various roles, from sales to operations, to customer service. I have been a Customer Service Director, Sealand Country Manager and a Sales Director for Middle America region. Since May 2022, I have stepped into my most challenging role yet - Managing Director for Mexico. In this role, I am tasked with helping to integrate the companies and brands Maersk has acquired, while also overseeing operations in Mexico, setting expectations, driving the vision, and supporting our transformation. Leading the Mexico organization as a female Mexican fills me with pride and honour.

Customers, communities and careers

One of the things I enjoy most about working at Maersk is the culture – a culture of respect and belonging. Regardless of who you are or where you're based, there is a genuine feeling of connection to the organization's purpose, to improve life for all by integrating the world, and values, such as “our employees” and “constant care”.

What makes working at Maersk truly special is the impact we have on shaping the organization and paying back to the local community. As a proud Mexican, I find joy in our capability to facilitate the growth of customers and vendors, while contributing to the local economy.

The focus on our customers and communities, along with a strong emphasis on our people, creates a balanced environment for a fulfilling, long-term career. And with Maersk’s global operations, there are vast opportunities for growth, locally or globally, in a range of different business areas.

Embracing diversity and inclusion at Maersk

Inclusivity at Maersk is ingrained in our culture, extending beyond initiatives and programs. I've personally experienced different types of diversity such as in diversity of thought, nationality, and gender.

The company places significant focus on supporting women in their career and development, for example, ensuring that when female colleagues take a career break to prioritise family, they return to equal job opportunities. Our training and development initiatives include not only technical skills but also soft skills, such as our Strategies for Success programme, to help empower our female colleagues to define their own careers and boost their confidence.

Empowering women: My personal commitment

In my role as a leader, I actively advocate for inclusion, especially for women. As a firm believer that developing females goes all the way to propelling entire communities, I am happy to take on opportunities to mentor and provide advice. Talking from experience, mentoring makes a big difference in carrier progression. Being recognized among The 100 most powerful women in business in Mexico in 2023 opened up new opportunities for me outside my own industry to share my insights beyond logistics.

I am a sponsor of MIX (Maersk Inclusion of Excellence) in Mexico. MIX aims to create spaces where diverse topics can be discussed, including female career progression and other obstacles that may prevent females from feeling included. The group serves as a platform for sharing examples and showcasing role models, helping women visualize their future in logistics and beyond. I feel a great sense of joy in being able to help foster and inspire a community which share the same views as me on diversity and inclusion of women in the workplace.

Join our journey of inclusion and empowerment

At Maersk, we're not just a world-leading logistics company; we are also an organization that values diversity, inclusion, and growth. Join us on as continue to work to build a workplace where everyone, regardless of background, location and gender can thrive and have an impact to building a better future for our customers, communities and each other. Together, let's chart a course towards a future where inclusion inspires and empowers us all.

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