Low Water Surcharge Manaus 2024 - Update # 2

As informed in the previous notice, Maersk is actively monitoring the situation of the low water level in the Amazon region. According to the most recent forecasts for the river's water level, we anticipate a severe drought. 

To ensure safety navigation and maintain regularity, we inform you that Low Water Surcharge (LWC), will be implemented to all shipments from or destined to Manaus, until further notice.

Effective date for non-FMC: PCD 01/08/2024*
Effective date for FMC: PCD 15/08/2024*
Scope: all shipments from/to Manaus in all trades
Tariff: USD 5.900,00 per DRY container, all types, including special.
For reefers please contact your local representative to check power limitations and conditions.

The LWC is an emergency and temporary charge, applicable due to the extraordinary conditions of navigation. It may be reviewed and adjusted, by virtue of situation and current operational plan.

It will cease when the sailing conditions return to normal by the time of price calculation date.

*PCD = Price Calculation Date.

  • For non-FMC, PCD refers to the scheduled departure date of the first water leg at the time of booking confirmation for non-spot bookings.
  • For FMC, PCD is last container gate-in date for non-spot bookings.
  • For Spot bookings, is the Booking Confirmation date.
  • FMC refers to Federal Maritime Commission, trades subject to the US Shipping Act.

The route's standard transit time may increase during the dry season, and we will do our best to ensure the additional time is as minimal as possible. To minimize impacts during the most critical period, we recommend the separation of cargo in smaller quantity of containers per bookings/Shipping Instruction and the anticipation of the transport as much as possible.

We will continue to monitor the situation in the region and inform you of any updates we have. Please note on the page below the latest river level. 

Our teams are on hand to support with your planning, should you need any assistance.

Depth of the Amazon river in Manaus

Amazon Region Dry Season 2024 – Update #1

20 june 2024

We are doing a thorough mapping and analysis, monitoring information on the floods and ebbs of rivers’ levels in the Amazon region.

Based on the information recorded by the rules of the National Water Agency (ANA) and the constant analysis of the evolution of Amazon river’s ebb levels in the region, we identified that there has been no record of increase in the Negro River since June 17, 2024. This indicates that there may be restrictions on the draft of vessels during the dry season between September 15, 2024, and early 2025.

Therefore, we are working intensively on alternatives solutions to minimize the impact on our customers' logistics, ensuring the best flow of cargo to and from Manaus during such period. We will continue to monitor the situation and our intention is to share the solutions and products with the market in July 2024.

We also reinforce that Maersk continues to actively address the challenge of abrupt silting of the Madeira River, through the responsible entities, so that dredging, if conducted within the expected timeframe, reduces the draft restriction.

To minimize the impacts during the most critical period, at this time, and as far as possible, we encourage our customers to anticipate the transportation of goods to and from Manaus.

For a more detailed view, check out the graph that shows the evolution of the depth of the Amazon River in Manaus.

All updates will be communicated through new announcements.

Depth of the Amazon river in Manaus

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