My name is Jessica Stoneman. I’m a Cyber Engineer in the Cyber Operations team at Maersk. When I first joined Maersk two and a half years ago, I had no idea that this would be the start of something amazing not only for my professional career but also for my personal growth and even give me the opportunity to champion diversity and inclusion within the tech industry.

An unexpected journey

Joining Maersk was an exciting yet daunting decision for me. When I finished school, I didn’t think university was for me, so decided to look for an apprenticeship and found Maersk. The allure of joining Maersk as an apprentice lay not just in its cutting-edge work in tech but in their core values, evident through its award-winning apprentice program and a culture that resonates with my aspirations.

When I started my journey at Maersk as an apprentice, I was very different in terms of confidence, personality, and ambition. Joining Maersk was the best decision I could have made; I discovered not only an employer but a community that fosters growth, inclusivity, and a constant commitment to nurturing its employees.

Thriving in a supportive ecosystem

From the very beginning, the sense of community at Maersk has been unparalleled. The incredible team I work with has been my anchor, fostering an environment where support is not just a concept but a reality. Despite this being my first experience working in the corporate world, the inclusive culture has made the transition seamless, dispelling any of my initial concerns. When I first joined, I was even assigned a mentor who supported me and gave me advice to help me settle into my role which really helped me feel like I belonged.

Diversity and inclusion in tech

Very early on in my journey at Maersk, I discovered the emphasis that Maersk place on supporting women in tech. We have a Global DEI team dedicated to creating programmes such as our inclusive leadership program, so we can create an inclusive and diverse environment for everyone.

Although the industry continues to be male dominated, I don’t feel that here at all. In my apprenticeship programme cohort half of us were women, and I’m surrounded by many other women in tech roles across all seniority levels. Everyone is given the chance to voice their opinion, and their views are heard and considered which is a true reflection of the organization’s core values, especially those of “our employees” and “humbleness”.

A workplace of continuous discovery and development

Maersk's support in helping their employees gain technical qualifications and the available core skill training, coupled with the ever-evolving nature of the cyber world, has not only kept me engaged but also opened doors to continuous learning opportunities and career development. Maersk is committed to helping employees learn and develop their career, for example, while I’ve been at Maersk, my mentor has progressed from engineer to a technical manager and is leading a team of three.

RISE: Elevating women in tech

I am part of the committee for RISE, an Employee Resource Network (ERN) that focuses on advancing gender inclusivity and cultivating a supportive community throughout Maersk Technology. We aspire to empower women in technology, shed light on critical subjects like career progression and professional development, and strive to destigmatize topics often overlooked, such as menopause.

I contribute by organizing both online and offline meetings and talks. We invite inspirational women within the company, such as our Chief People Officer, but also external speakers from other companies such as Microsoft and Crowdstrike, to talk about their careers and provide inspiration. We also have workshops on a range of topics which help our female tech colleagues in their personal and professional life, for example, we have held workshops on topics like imposter syndrome and building personal brand.

Our commitment extends beyond just events, we are constantly working on initiatives which help women redefine their career in tech such as our current project on reworking a career wheel which will be a great resource to help colleagues see what skills they need to progress in their career.

Being a part of the RISE committee is where my passion for advocating inclusion truly comes to life. I love being part of a group of volunteers who are all similarly passionate about supporting other women in tech.

Shaping a future of inclusion

At Maersk, diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords; they are integral to the company's ethos. Maersk’s commitment to supporting women in tech is a true testament to their dedication to their employees and their belief in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

As I continue my career at Maersk, I am excited about the ongoing efforts to support women in tech, making our workplace a beacon of diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. Join us as we shape a future where every individual's potential is recognized, valued, and nurtured no matter their gender.

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