Hi, my name is Christy Yuk Lan Wong, and I am the Head of Customer Program Management for Northeast Asia at Maersk. I lead a team supporting operational excellence, customer implementation, and optimisation covering the Japan and Korea area. Over the past five years, I have been able to work overseas and experience new challenges all with the help of my incredible colleagues and a culture of inclusion at Maersk.

A Global Perspective

My journey at Maersk began in March 2019, when I joined as a Client Program Director based in Hong Kong. I wanted to see how Maersk could transform into an integrated logistics provider, which was a new concept at the time. What I discovered was not only an innovative organisation but also one which has offered me a platform to excel and grow professionally.

After moving into two similar roles but in different verticals – lifestyle, and then high tech and automotive, both still within the Client Program, in 2023, I made perhaps the most exciting step in my career. I was asked to lead the Customer Program Management team for Northeast Asia; this meant relocating to Tokyo, Japan. I had never worked overseas in another country before, so I took on this new opportunity and challenge.

Moving to Japan

My relocation to Japan wasn’t an easy, but it did go quite smoothly. I had relocation support from Maersk, but most importantly, I had significant help from my colleagues in Japan.

In the first few weeks, they helped me with all the administrative work that comes with moving to a new country, such as by accompanying me to open a bank account, helping me find an apartment and showing me around Tokyo. It was a very warm welcome and has helped me adapt to life in Japan a lot.

A Culture of Care, Trust, and Flexibility

I see the Maersk values, such as constant care and uprightness, being shown every day. This is what helps create the welcoming and inclusive culture which sets Maersk apart from my previous companies. The company has a real commitment to fostering a culture of care for each other, trust, and flexibility. I deeply appreciate the company's emphasis on work-life balance and its willingness to accommodate personal needs especially for my colleagues who are parents and for me in allowing me to travel back to Hong Kong for short periods of time so that I can work while spending time with my family.

Maersk empowers and supports its employees to thrive by placing their trust in their employees to complete their work no matter where they are working from, at home or in the office, and with a work schedule that suits their employees. We are also encouraged to pursue new challenges and are welcomed to speak our thoughts in an environment of mutual respect and support.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

In my opinion, I don’t think other companies place so much importance on diversity, equity, and inclusion as Maersk. It’s part of our daily life at Maersk, like other organizations, we have a Global DEI team, but the values and commitment to inclusion are also evident within our offices, working, speaking, and collaborating with colleagues. Everyone is included and feels like they belong regardless of where they are from, seniority, ethnicity, or gender. To me, DEI is part of our daily culture, especially in terms of gender. I don’t pay attention to people’s gender as we have a culture where gender makes no difference to our interactions and our work.

We have many female leaders across our organization, including in my region, Northeast Asia, and in our headquarters in Copenhagen. It is inspiring to see so many females at management level and within our senior leadership team; it shows me what I can achieve at Maersk.

Commitment to Employee Training and Career Development

The professional development and training of every employee is important for Maersk. We have comprehensive training programs, online and in person, in fact, Maersk has the most extensive training I’ve experienced at any company I’ve worked at.

On my own career journey at Maersk, I have been helped by my supportive colleagues and managers. There is also specific training for women to help build our confidence and empower us to become better leaders. One example of this is Maersk’s Women in Leadership, a programme, which I have participated in, involving workshops, talks, and discussions about being a leader. Through training like this, female Maersk employees are being equipped with the tools and confidence needed to excel in leadership roles and grow their career.

Career opportunities are open to everybody, there are few limitations, as long as we meet the criteria, we are encouraged to apply and expose ourselves to new challenges. The global mobility support offered by Maersk opens new avenues for growth and exploration for everyone regardless of where you are located, gender, age or background. Maersk encourages all individuals to broaden their horizons and seize new opportunities, nurturing a diverse talent pool that drives innovation and success.

A Future Rooted in Inclusion

My journey at Maersk has been filled with opportunities, growth, and a wonderful inclusive culture. I'm proud to be part of a company that values each individual's unique contributions and celebrates the strength of diversity in all its forms. I am confident that Maersk will continue to build on this culture of belonging, championing all employees through support and training within a diverse and inclusive workplace.

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