Removing the fog of shipping misconceptions

In the ever-evolving world of e-commerce shipping and logistics, businesses often grapple with final mile myths influencing their strategic decisions. In this article, we debunk two prevalent supply chain myths and try to provide clarity to brands and shippers seeking optimal 3PL shipping solutions.

Myth 1: If I move volume away from my incumbent carrier, I will lose significant discounts.

Fact: Contrary to popular belief, regional volume is often available for bidding by alternate carriers, especially in markets where the incumbent lacks service level agreements (SLAs) comparable to the competition.

Even when considering the incumbent’s 'discounts' and factoring in accessorial fees such as DAS (delivery area surcharge), EDAS (extended delivery area surcharge), fuel, and oversize/exception handling, the overall pricing frequently proves to be better or equivalent to what the incumbent offers.

Navigating the logistics landscape requires a strong understanding of regional dynamics and a willingness to explore alternative carriers. With its domestic presence across the globe and regional expertise, Maersk's last-mile delivery solutions can equip you with cost-effective and tailored shipping solutions.

Myth 2: My customers will not convert if they do not recognize the carrier as being one of the 'main' logistics providers.

Fact: In many cases, the underlying carrier is not visible to the end-customer. What truly matters is the ability to honor delivery commitments, whether it is a promise of delivery in three days, five days, or the next day.

Reliable service and fulfillment are at the core of the customer’s expectations, not brand recognition.

At Maersk, our last-mile solutions team understands the significance of meeting delivery commitments and exceeding customer expectations. Our services prioritize transparency, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, ensuring that the underlying carrier can remain an invisible force driving seamless last-mile deliveries.

Explore the innovative and reliable last-mile shipping solutions Maersk can offer brands and shippers alike.

Strategic e-commerce fulfillment

Strategic e-commerce fulfillment

Maersk leverages its expertise in global e-commerce fulfillment to provide end-to-end services. From warehousing and distribution to delivery, our comprehensive approach ensures a seamless experience for your customers.
Factory-to-couch logistics:

Factory-to-couch logistics:

Maersk delivers a factory-to-couch solution through its integrated supply chain management services, emphasizing efficiency, transparency, and direct-to-consumer strategies. Leveraging advanced logistics technologies, Maersk streamlines e-commerce fulfillment and last-mile delivery to ensure a seamless and personalized experience, redefining the customer journey from the manufacturing facility to the consumer's living room.
Location intelligence:

Location intelligence:

Optimize your last-mile deliveries with advanced location intelligence. Maersk employs cutting-edge technologies to streamline routes, reduce delivery times, and enhance overall efficiency.
Customer & predictive analytics: 

Customer & predictive analytics: 

Data are the building blocks for all decisions; logistics is no different. Maersk harnesses customer and predictive analytics to offer insights beyond traditional logistics, helping you make informed decisions and enhance overall operations.
Communication management

Communication management

Transparent communication is at the heart of Maersk’s services. Our last-mile parcel shipping solutions ensure that shippers and recipients are well-informed throughout the delivery process by providing on-demand access to real-time updates and earning your trust.
Retail network optimization

Retail network optimization

Streamline your retail network with Maersk's optimization solutions. We focus on enhancing processes to improve performance, ensuring your retail operations run smoothly.
Multi-channel communication

Multi-channel communication

Seamless communication across multiple channels is a hallmark of Maersk’s last-mile solutions. Our integrated approach ensures that your customers receive updates through their preferred channels, enhancing their overall experience.
Hyper-local marketing

Hyper-local marketing

Explore innovative hyper-local marketing strategies tailored to your last-mile delivery operations. Maersk understands the importance of targeted outreach in the dynamic world of e-commerce.

Maersk’s last-mile shipping solutions are not just ordinary shipping solutions; it’s a paradigm shift in last-mile logistics. By dispelling myths and embracing innovation, we redefine the shipping experience, offering solutions prioritizing efficiency, transparency, and customer satisfaction.

Explore our services at Maersk and revolutionize your shipping strategies today.

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