To ensure our customers are kept informed, here is our latest update on conditions across the terminals and mitigating actions being taken to address the delays on our services.

Ports and Terminals Situation

Terminal Commentary
Cape Town CTCT
  • Improving productivity with waiting time down to 2-4 days
  • Productivity close to target
  • Full recovery is estimated in 2 weeks (not withstanding possible Southeaster wind delays
Cape Town MPT
  • 3-4 days delay
  • Very low productivity due to intermittent MHC (mobile harbour cranes) breakdowns
Port Elizabeth PECT
  • 2-3 days waiting time
  • 1x STS (ship to shore) and 1x MHC operational
  • Productivity just below the expected rates
  • Recovery in 1-2 weeks
Port Elizabeth NCT
  • 2-3 days waiting time.
  • 2 berth operation – Berth D102 out until end March
  • Crane 6,7 and 8 out for repairs.
  • Recovery estimated in 2 weeks
Durban DCT Pier 2
  • 24 days waiting time.
  • Productivity remains well below target
  • STS breakdown and straddle carriers’ reliability and availability
  • Medium term equipment recommissioning - June/July STS on South Quay and straddle carriers from mid-year.
  • Limited truck scheduled impacting imports collection and exports stacking
  • Recovery estimated in 8-12 weeks
Durban Pier 1
  • 2-3 days waiting time.
  • Poor STS and RTG reliability and availability
  • Productivity below target
  • Recovery estimated in 3-4 weeks
Port Louis (Mauritius)
  • 4 Days waiting time.
  • Post cyclone, full productivity restored.
  • Recovery estimated 2 weeks.
Rail DUR to JNB (City Deep and GLO Denver)
  • Fully operational with some limited restrictions on capacity
  • Road transport alternatives available
Rail JNB (City Deep and GLO Denver) to DUR
  • Fully operational with some restrictions on export rail intents
  • Road transport alternatives available

Vessel Operations

We will minimise delays through network actions and contingencies which shall compensate for any delays in cargo arrival and export loading . All imports will be discharged and load movements (full and empty) may be reduced depending on productivity achieved versus the pro forma and the required departure times. Upon departure from South Africa, our vessels shall sail at full speed to make up for lost time and ensure the timely arrival at the destination. The table below outlines current plans and decisions. (We recommend that you to continue to refer to for the most up to date schedule updates)

Service Commentary
SAECS (278)
  • Exports: Space available and SPOT bookings open
  • Imports: Some limited space available
  • Post grape season – DG and 20’ slot restrictions remain in place and will be lifted from the MEHUIN (eta NCT 18th March)
  • NCT Vessels arriving on time – with some port congestion and crane outages causing delays in the line-up, expecting 1-3 days delay on future vessels.
  • Durban P1 - recovery in Progress, waiting time 2-3 days going forward.
  • Cape Town CTCT - Productivity improving and berthing on/close to proforma.
  • Santa Isabel will omit CPT.
  • ETA into EUROPE will be delayed by 1-3 days but time will be with time made
AMEX (040)
  • Exports – full and SPOT bookings closed up to LORI
  • Imports – space available
  • Vessels arriving late from NAM – service is calling Durban first to protect berthing window.
  • 1-3 days waiting time in PECT, 2-4 days at Durban P1 – recoverable in Cape Town
SAFARI (160)
  • Exports – restricted export load moves with SPOT bookings closed up to SAN FELIPE
  • Imports – full and SPOT bookings closed.
  • High incidence of rolling – to counter, a full vessel booking slide has been executed (from CC LA SCALA) to accommodate all rolled cargo in one action.
  • DCT berth delay 24 days – with one week reduction in waiting time end of March with the Chinese New Year blanking.
  • Terminal truck appointments remain constrained.
  • Vessels will sail at full service speed on departure from DURBAN to make up time in the schedule and further schedule recovery actions in FEA will ensure on time arrival back at DURBAN anchorage.
Cape Town Express (163)
  • Exports: Space available and SPOT bookings open
  • Imports: Limited space – restricted moves at Port Louis
  • Maintaining Safari WB call before CPT Express at Port Louis to ensure all connections are made for Cape Town Imports
  • Due to 24 day waiting time in Durban, SAFARI will not call Port Louis EB.
  • Exports on Cape Town Express will connect at Port Louis onto M Express for connection to Far East destinations.
MW1 and PROTEA (251)
  • PROTEA Exports – full and SPOT bookings closed for next 4 voyages. PROTEA Imports – some limited space available.
  • MESAWA (MW1) Exports – space available and SPOT bookings open ex Cape Town (Service not calling Durban)
  • MW1 service delayed ex West Africa and with berthing delays at both Cape Town and Durban ports – service will continue to call Cape Town only. (Durban call to be reinstated from May).
  • PROTEA schedule heavily impacted by DURBAN delays – service will call Durban each voyage and alternate between Port Elizabeth and Reunion to manage delays into Middle East and protect Jebel Ali and Durban arrival.


  • Note - Spot Offer Notifications, is live for all iOS and Android users. This feature empowers users to subscribe for preferred routes and receive instant push notifications as soon as a Spot offer becomes available for booking that week.
  • Please refer to the Spot Offer Launch Guide below for ease of reference - Maersk App | Maersk

Export bookings.

  • We remain fully open for business.
  • Restrictions on the number of moves may be implemented to allow time for services to be restored. Empty moves will be reduced first.
  • Booking limits will be proactively set in response to anticipated productivity constraints. The SPOT platform will be adjusted to reflect these conditions. Rolling of bookings may still be necessary occasionally.
  • When rail and truck schedules are constrained, Maersk can to offer staging and transport solutions.

Imports on water, to be discharged and landed.

  • We remain fully open for business.
  • All imports will be discharged.
  • Due to constraints in rail and terminal trucking appointments, we can provide options for land transportation and staging as well as “back of port” solutions. Please reach out to your Sales and CX consultants for further information.

We thank you for your patience during this period and reassure you that we are reachable through all our usual communication channels.

We kindly request that you continue to pay attention to our customer advisories during this time. For any queries, kindly reach out to our Customer Experience teams and visit our website

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