Hi, my name is Janeé Ortiz, and I've been at Maersk for seven years. Throughout my time here I've had the privilege of witnessing and actively contributing to the company's commitment to its values, fostering a culture of care and growth, with a focus on our employees’ wellbeing.

My career at Maersk

Over the years I have worked in a range of roles, initially working as a People Business Partner in our terminal operations line of business, and then in 2022 I started working in the Employee Experience Organization supporting the Americas region as a Talent & Development Deployment Partner. In 2023 my journey took an interesting turn as I transitioned to the Global People Solutions team which is focused on developing learning and rewards solutions. In my role as a Capability Business Partner supporting our regions, my main responsibility is to define our business needs and translate them into solutions that resonate and meet those needs effectively. Through this work, I get to collaborate closely with colleagues in Talent and Development, People Business Partners, and other solution owners to shape our internal user experience which I really enjoy.

My mentors and development

The most powerful impact on my journey at Maersk are the incredible mentors and opportunities for growth that I've had. This began right from the very beginning; the person who interviewed me for my first role at Maersk has now become my mentor and active sponsor. Their guidance and support has influenced every career move I've made within the company since then. I’ve also been very fortunate to have worked for one leader in particular who created an incredibly psychologically safe space. Through her role modelling of authenticity and vulnerability she really helped diminish any stigma around mental health, seeking resources and support, and showed me how to maintain good wellbeing so that I could also be human first in my leadership of others. This encouraged me to give talk therapy another try as at the time I recognised that I was experiencing anxiety from prioritizing others over myself which was having a significant impact on my overall wellbeing. My weekly sessions with my therapist have become such a normal part of my routine now and create powerful moments of heightened self-reflection and awareness.

Apart from great mentors, I feel really invested in by the organization. For example, I have benefited from leadership development programs that equipped me with the skills needed for every career move I've made within Maersk. These programs have also triggered personal development that transformed me in really positive ways beyond the workplace.

Maersk’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

I accessed my talk therapy through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) at Maersk which offers great support for a range of topics and is available for all employees around the world. I've had excellent experiences with EAP and have used it for financial advice, legal counsel, and, most importantly, for my mental wellbeing.

It's been incredibly easy to use, and I've referred many colleagues to EAP with confidence. The EAP team is responsive, helpful, and make accessing support seamless. It has been a crucial step in my journey towards improved mental health, and I'm very grateful that I have access to this quality support.

Maersk values

Maersk's values, such as Uprightness that calls for us to always do the right thing even when its hard, have played a significant role in fostering our culture of psychological safety. Knowing that colleagues will follow through on their commitments, even in vulnerable moments, is incredibly reassuring. It's a reminder that as humans, we may make mistakes, but our shared values guide us, ensuring that everything will be alright.

Another one of Maersk’s values is Constant Care, which extends beyond the customer focus. It encourages colleagues to care for each other, anticipate each other's needs, and strive to be the best versions of ourselves to everyone. This culture of Constant Care isn't something we have to consciously work on; it's deeply ingrained in Maersk's ethos, and I feel this constantly every day.

Employee Resource Networks (ERNs)

In 2020, I joined forces with a peer of mine to launch the first Employee Resource Network (ERN) in North America (NAM), NAM MIX (Maersk for Inclusion eXcellence). I was motivated by a desire to make a difference, enhance Maersk's culture, and ensure that initiatives within the region created a sense of community and belonging. This experience has allowed me to work on initiatives aimed at fostering inclusivity and a supportive atmosphere within our organization. NAM MIX grew at a rapid pace and we now have several different networks with clear focus to drive intentional actions in meaningful areas, which include: Diverse Abilities, Racism Awareness, Military Veterans, Wellbeing and Mindfulness, Pride, and Power Women.

We also have Global ERN’s and in 2022 the Global Power Women Network (PWN) launched a mentorship program that I joined both as a mentor and a mentee. Being part of the program has provided me with another amazing mentor, we help and guide each other personally and professionally and she has also given me great exposure to our business and its leaders through her active sponsorship. Her guidance led to the creation of the North American chapter of PWN, which I currently Chair, and the support and resources provided by my colleagues are simply remarkable. It's really motivating to be able to turn any dream into a reality. At Maersk everyone is willing to help each other succeed, regardless of their individual roles.

Wellbeing and inclusion

My journey at Maersk has been filled with personal growth, a commitment to fostering an inclusive culture, and a dedication to being human first when it comes to mental wellness. I'm proud to be part of an organization that values its employees, invests in their development, and truly cares for their wellbeing. Through mentorship, collaboration, and shared values, Maersk has created an environment where my colleagues and I can thrive.

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