Meet Vicki Gabbani, Development and Knowledge Manager for UK & Ireland, area focal chair of UKI MIX (Maersk Inclusion for Excellence UK and Ireland), and member of Pride@Maersk, as she shares her Maersk story and what it’s like to be part of such a diverse organisation.

Hi, my name is Vicki Gabbani. I joined Maersk in 2015 as an Ocean Customer Experience Manager before finding the confidence at Maersk to pursue learning and development as a career and becoming a Development and Knowledge Manager for UKI.

My Maersk journey

When I first stepped into Maersk for the first time for my interview, I was really struck by the warm and friendly atmosphere. I had previously worked for other large international companies, so I was accustomed to the scale and complexity of such organizations; but with Maersk I knew straight away I had found my home.

I joined Maersk as an Ocean Customer Experience Manager eight and a half years ago, where I started off with working with key clients and then moving on to retail and lifestyle – so I really covered most bases! I spent 6 months in secondment in another part of Maersk in Hamburg which introduced me to a whole new Maersk location and wonderful group of people. I was also a CarePRO trainer for my area which gave me the confidence to pursue a career in learning and development which has always been a passion of mine.

I currently work within Learning and Development which has allowed me to broaden my scope and experience in something I love. I can now truly make a difference to people’s professional and personal lives; part of our wider L&D strategy is an inclusive programme open to all and geared towards personal development and growth.

My role plays a crucial in Maersk’s strong focus on its people. I really appreciate that one of our values is “our people”, which I hear, along with our other values, being referenced consistently by colleagues, and in relation to our actual work.

Joining UKI MIX

In addition to being Development and Knowledge Manager, I am also area focal chair of UKI MIX (Maersk Inclusion for Excellence UK and Ireland) and a member of Pride@Maersk. Through these two Employee Resource Networks (ERNs), I can further help colleagues feel represented within Maersk and create an environment of inclusion.

Our core mission is to create and foster an environment where everyone can be their authentic selves at work. To support this, we have been actively involved in organizing various events to promote allyship, encourage the sharing of lived experiences, and facilitate learning outside of our own perspectives. We also collaborate with other ERNs like Pride@Maersk to organize Pride events.

Being part of UKI MIX

Being part of UKI MIX and Pride@Maersk has been an immensely fulfilling experience. While I serve as the Chair of UKI MIX, I am well aware that I am just one small cog in the wheel. My passionate, imaginative, and hard-working colleagues within UKI MIX and Pride@Maersk inspire me every day, and it is our collective work which helps build awareness and engagement of DEI.

I can see our impact in the growing number of active members where we have grown from fewer than 10 members in February 2022, when I joined, to 19 passionate like-minded individuals. I also see our impact through the increase in engagement and conversations about DEI. For example, sometimes one of our posts on our internal platform can spark conversations, whether it is the use of pronouns in email signatures, or the power of music for our mental health. Knowing we have made even one person think about things from a different perspective, or helped their wellbeing is a truly wonderful feeling.

Maersk’s commitment to creating a culture of inclusion

Maersk's view on DEI is both inspiring and reassuring, the organization understands that diversity and inclusion are not mere buzzwords or a ‘nice-to-have’ but essential components of a thriving business strategy.

Hearing our CEO, Vincent Clerc, emphasize the importance of DEI early on in his tenure, at the beginning of 2023, was incredibly encouraging. This really shows that Maersk are approaching DEI from all angles, from grassroots as well as from top-down.

We also have the backing of Maersk management and key stakeholders who understand the significance of DEI. Our Customer Experience Director, Samantha Brocklehurst, regularly engages with me to discuss DEI actions, ensuring that we have the necessary support to thrive. She also represents and promotes us externally, sharing our story with customers and on industry panels.

Join us at Maersk

DEI is a journey, not a destination. We all have a role to play in creating a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplace. Join us at Maersk, where your unique experiences, perspectives, and talents are not only welcomed but celebrated. Together, we strive to create a culture where everyone feels valued, supported, and celebrated.

Visit our website to find out more about DEI at Maersk here.

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