Layla Buatim Neves and Santos Copello shares what makes Maersk such as a great place to work and the valuable initiatives they are involved in to help foster diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) at Maersk.

We are Layla Buatim Neves and Santos Copello, we are both based in Madrid, Spain. We have been with Maersk for over five years and four respectively and have seen first-hand our organization’s commitment to DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion). We are joint chairs and creators of MIX SWE and MAGHREB (Maersk Inclusion of Excellence, Southwest Europe and Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia), one of the most powerful and amazing ERNs (Employee Resource Networks) in Maersk globally.

What made you join Maersk?

Santos: When I worked as an intern in supply chain logistics in an automotive company in Argentina - Córdoba, where I am originally from, I had chance to be in touch with international commerce and to go inside of a container, and from that moment I went crazy for the shipping industry. So, when I moved to Spain with my now husband and saw that Maersk was looking for a Customer Experience agent, I knew I had to join.

Layla: I studied international relations at university and started my career 12 years ago at another shipping company where I heard a lot about how Maersk is like a mother to its employees. I know and respect my own value so I wanted to work somewhere who would also recognise and reward their employees. When I saw an opportunity at Maersk, I just went for it. I joined Maersk in 2017 back in Santos in Brazil my home country. I really wanted to be fluent in Spanish, so I applied for a job in Spain in 2019 and have never looked back. I am currently a Reefer Contract Manager for the Europe market.

What is it like to work at Maersk?

Santos: My past career in the automotive industry was really tough at times, it is very different from what I experience at Maersk. When I first started at Maersk, I saw that people were openly homosexual and immediately felt that I could openly be myself here. Maersk is where I can be myself, explore my skills, and grow personally and professionally.

Layla: A lot of industries, like the logistics industry can be really old school, but Maersk is not like that, your diversity and different perspectives are welcomed here. We are a huge global player, and there is a world inside Maersk for employees to explore. Maersk also have values which they uphold and stay true to.

Logo made by SWE Maersk@Pride Focal - Victor Pascual

What importance does Maersk place on DEI?

Layla: Maersk take DEI very seriously and see it as very important, but of course, like in any organization there is always room for improvement. This is why I joined MIX back in Brazil and in 2020 I initiated MIX in SWE and MAGHREB (Maersk Inclusion of Excellence, Southwest Europe and Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia). Maersk is a global player of the logistics industry, so we have a commitment with society. We set the rules in shipping, we lead sustainability projects, it cannot be different with DEI.

Santos: Having around 60 different nationalities within 6 countries in our region, Maersk knows the importance of DEI. Even though Layla and I are not from here (Spain), we feel really welcomed, and it’s something Maersk is proud of. DEI is a big focus and a global topic here, we have a large global team who are dedicated solely to DEI. They discuss, review and implement frameworks to help improve equity and inclusion for all colleagues around the world.

Photo: Colleagues in Portugal in Pride Season Human Flag.

What do you think of the future of DEI at Maersk?

Layla: Although people are now much more aware of and understand the importance of DEI, there is so much more to do to make sure everybody feels included. It took a while to get everything in place and for people to really take notice of MIX but now we are here, we want to push forward and make an even bigger impact at Maersk.

Santos: There is certainly a need for further progress in DEI efforts, both within Maersk and the wider industry. I believe it’s incredibly important to help our colleagues feel like they can be themselves at work so we will continue our great work and build upon our achievements, so that we create an even better environment for all colleagues no matter who they are.

Photo: Madrid Team at Pride Season 2022

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At Maersk, we believe that a diverse workforce brings different perspectives and experiences and innovation to help us in our journey to integrate the world. Join us at Maersk, where your unique experiences, perspectives, and talents are not only welcomed but celebrated.

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