Maersk continues to invest in restoring the reliability of our Australia ocean network, while continuing to offer a superior port coverage to future proof Australia international and domestic cargo connections.

We are pleased to announce the launch of a brand-new Southeast Asia to Australia network that will bring the much-needed schedule resilience, flexibility, and superior coverage to the Southeast Asia Australia supply chain.

In this connection we have decided to discontinue our existing Southeast Asia to Australia network, which despite best efforts has been performing below our global standards on reliability.

Our brand-new network will consist of three new services:

The Greater Australia Connect (GAC), the Eastern Australia Connect (EAC) and the Western Australia Connect (WAC) have been designed to simplify and connect our customers’ supply chain end to end.

The new network will be operated by 16 ships in total to protect critical connections to our vast network of international services and maintain buffer in our schedule to absorb impact from supply chain disruptions.

The new network implementation is subject to relevant regulatory filings and will be implemented upon final clearance in relevant jurisdictions.

The last sailing on the existing Komodo / Cobra services will be:


SB: CMA CGM Maupassant 308S, departing 24th of February ex Tanjung Pelepas

NB: CMA CGM Maupassant 310N, departing 12th of March ex Brisbane


SB: Sydney Express 310S, departing 6th of March ex Tanjung Pelepas

NB: Sydney Express 311N, departing 21st of March ex Fremantle

The first sailing of the new services and their rotation will be:

Greater Australia Connect (GAC)


Maersk Stralsund 310S/313N, departing 10th of March ex Port Kelang

Eastern Australia Connect (EAC)


GSL Christel Elisabeth 310S/312N, departing 8th of March ex Tanjung Pelepas

Western Australia Connect (WAC)


Maersk Gairloch 311S/312N, departing 13th of March ex Tanjung Pelepas

Kindly note that indicated dates might be subject to change based on the operational environment. Our systems will be regularly updated to reflect any adjustments.

In connection with the above changes in our Oceania network, Maersk will proceed with the following coverage adjustments:

Australian Coastal Coverage

Greater and Eastern Australia Connect services will enable a weekly east to west Australian coastal coverage for our customers. Melbourne and Sydney will have a direct connection to Fremantle through GAC service and Brisbane into Fremantle via transshipment from EAC to GAC service.

Brisbane to Americas Coverage

EAC service will enable a weekly coverage from Brisbane to Americas for our customers via transshipment in Sydney and direct connection to OC1 and PANZ services.

Southern Star (SB) Brisbane Coverage

EAC service will enable weekly direct coverage from Southeast Asia to Brisbane for our customers, therefore Brisbane call would be permanently removed from Southern Star schedule.

We thank you in advance for your continued support and for your trust in Maersk as your shipping and logistics partner.

Should you have any questions or require support, please reach out to your local Maersk team using our instant chat channel: Live Chat

We thank you in advance for your continued support and look forward to continuing to connect your supply chain.

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