At Maersk, we constantly review and improve our processes/services to provide you the best possible customer experience. To further improve your documentation journey with us, we are pleased to introduce new functionalities to our Shipping Instructions journey.

Key changes which are expected on 10th September as below:

  • Request for House Bills – Maersk creates House bills of lading (for a fee) in for shipments moving to the USA. A new screen is now available for this feature. Two questions now appear and in case the answer to both questions below is “Yes”, then an additional free text box will be available for house bill details.
    • Are the shipper and/or consignee on the bill a freight forwarder? Yes/No
    • Do you want Maersk to create House bill on your behalf? Yes/No
  • Additional comments field – This free text field has now been removed, since all fields now have standardised input parameters available.
  • Missing information for Loading / Bill of Lading Issuance – Mandatory Information required for bill issuance or loading of cargo which is missing on the Shipping Instruction will now be shared with you on an e-mail once you’ve submitted the shipping instruction.
  • A new button for split/combine requests – In case you need a split or combine bill of lading, a new button on the top of the page will direct you to the relevant screen.

For complete guide click below downloadable file.

In case of any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local Maersk A/S Customer Service Representative through the following channels:

Main Number +63 282313126 / Toll Free Number +180011102911

Export concerns:
Import concerns:

Thank you for the understanding and unwavering support.

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