As a result of the ongoing schedule disruption due to port congestion and other operational delays, Maersk continues to evaluate and adjust its schedules/proformas. Such amendments aim to restore network reliability, keep offering a superior port coverage in Oceania and ultimately to limit the impact of disruptions on our customers.

Given the upcoming typhoon season in Far East Asia and keeping in mind the current delays in Australian ports, we have to modify the proforma windows for our Dragon/085 service starting with Vessel Prestige/240S/Qingdao/07th Oct .

These changes will enable us to :

  • Gain buffer on our South bound voyage
  • Arrive on proforma window to first Australian port, Sydney
  • Avoid waiting time outside the port (as applicable to off proforma vessels)
  • Leave on time from Brisbane, hence securing on time arrival to Qingdao

Changes to windows applicable only to below ports , rest remain the same

Port Proforma window As is New Proforma Window
Proforma window As is
Fri 0600-Sun 0600
New Proforma Window
SAT 0600 to MON 0600
Proforma window As is
Tue 0700-Thu 0130
New Proforma Window
THU 0700 to SAT 0130
Proforma window As is
Sun 0600-Tue 0600
New Proforma Window
TUE 0600 to THU 0600

We thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and understanding. Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your local Maersk representative, or contact our Customer Service team on 0800 MAERSK (623 775).

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