We outlined the exceptional circumstances in the South African market and the capacity challenges that we are experiencing from an empty evacuation perspective. Please be guided that this applies to Dry Containers only – Reefer Containers not impacted by this notice to market.

We had communicated our decision on 22nd July 2022 to cease the acceptance of all drop off of empty containers at our Johannesburg and Pretoria depots, effective 25th July until 14th August 2022.

We do wish to advise that this is being extended until 28th August 2022.

We acknowledge that in certain cases, we have already communicated the Johannesburg turn in to customers. To this end, we will honour the Johannesburg turn in for the below scenarios.

  • where you have a valid Delivery Order confirming a Johannesburg depot
  • where a Johannesburg Turn In (DRP) invoice has been requested and paid
  • where the shipment has been booked with final place of delivery Johannesburg

Kindly ensure that in scenarios above, transporters are made aware of the requirement to present the documentation (Delivery Order or Invoice) in the form of a hard or soft copy to the depot.

We will review the situation and provide update to market for any changes to the status.

We sincerely thank you for your co-operation during this time.

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